What is Sodium Sulfide?

Sodium Sulfide is an inorganic Industrial Chemical compound with vast industrial applications. It is an anhydrous substance with a yellowish crystalline and sharp rotten eggs-like smell.

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Sodium Sulfide


What is Sodium Sulfide used for?

Here are the most common applications of Sodium Sulfide:

  • Sodium sulfide is used in the textile industry, where it serves as a dehairing agent in pre-tanning.
  • Used in sulfur dyes production.
  • Used for dechlorination in the desulfurization process of bleaching.
  • Effectively utilized in the Kraft process of the paper and pulp industry.
  • Used in the first-stage precipitation of copper in water treatment.
  • Prevents oxidation of development solutions in the photography industry.
  • Used in manufacturing of rubber and other chemical compounds.
  • Used in food preservation.
  • Used in oil recovery.
  • Serves as a curing and removing agent in the mining industry.


What is the Chemical Formula of Sodium Sulfide?

Sodium Sulfide has the chemical formula Na2S.


Is Sodium Sulfide harmful to life?

Sodium Sulfide is a toxic and corrosive substance for humans. Direct contact is harmful, while inhalation or indigestion can be fatal. It is also hazardous for aquatic beings.


Where is Sodium Sulfide found? What does Sodium Sulfide look like?

Sodium Sulfide is an industrial chemical made with a carbothermic reduction of sodium sulfate. Sodium sulfate is naturally found in brines and crystalline deposits.

It looks like a yellowish crystalline mass, as shown below.

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What are the Hazardous Effects of Sodium Sulfide?

  • Sodium Sulfide can be a hazardous substance.
  • If inhaled, it causes shortness of breath, coughing, and irritation in the nose. Direct contact can cause skin irritation, burning, and may even cause eye damage.
  • If swallowed, the toxicity and corrosiveness can prove fatal. The strong base causes serious burns and damage to the mucous membrane.
  • Sodium Sulfide is also very toxic for aquatic organisms. Finely grained sodium sulfide can even catch fire.


What are precautionary measures necessary to be taken to handle Sodium Sulfide?

Handling hazardous substances requires professional care and precaution. Some necessary measures for handling Sodium Sulfide are:

  • Utilization of local exhaust ventilation to control the exposure.
  • Enclosing the chemical process for hazardous substances.
  • Labeling of chemical containers.
  • Observing airborne chemical concentration and controlling it via engineering equipment.
  • Having contactless sanitization points and practicing standard sanitization practices.
  • Following the standard eating guidelines at a chemical plant.
  • Keeping contaminated clothing at the workplace.
  • Wearing industry-standard gear.
  • Using respiratory protection if necessary.
  • Having standard fire control equipment.

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What will happen if Sodium Sulfide is heated?

Finely divided sodium sulfide can catch a sudden fire and explode. Upon heating, sodium sulfide oxidizes into sulfur dioxide and sodium carbonate.


Is Sodium Sulfide a soluble compound?

Yes, Sodium Sulfide gives strong alkaline solutions and is water-soluble.


Where can I buy Sodium Sulfide?

Sodium Sulfide is available for sale at Camachem. Camachem has been an international level supplier of industrial chemicals for years. The desired chemical is delivered in plastic barrels Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) drums of different sizes to meet small and bulk order requirements.


How much does Sodium Sulfide cost?

The cost of such industrial chemicals keeps varying with the price of raw materials, shipping charges, and several other industrial factors. The average price ranges around $400 per metric ton.

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What is the PH of Sodium Sulfide?

The pH for Sodium Sulfide is 10.4 pH.


Is Sodium Sulfide an Electrolyte compound?

Yes, its solution is an excellent electrolyte.


Can Sodium Sulfide go down the drain?

No, it must be disposed of as per standard hazardous substance disposal guidelines. It needs to be collected in sealed containers.


Is Sodium Sulfide Acidic or Basic?

Sodium Sulfide solutions are strongly acidic.


Are Sodium Sulfide and Sodium Sulfite the same chemical?

Sodium sulfite has the chemical formula Na2SO3, whereas Sodium Sulfide has the chemical formula Na2S. Sodium Sulfite is white in color compared to Sodium Sulfide’s yellow. And though the two have similar industry usage, Sodium Sulfite is also commercially used as food preservative.