What is sulfonic acid (LABSA)?

Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid(LABSA) of inorganic chemistry is a valuable Industrial Chemical. LABSA is a sulpha-containing organic acid. The chemical components and physical properties of Sulfonic Acid(LABSA) are determined by the alkyl chain length determines.


What is sulfonic acid (LABSA) used for?

Let's have a look at the applications of sulfonic acid(LABSA).

  • In the daily chemical industry, sulfonic acid is utilised in hair shampoo, bath shampoo, dish detergents and complex soap, laundry powder, and dishware cleanser.
  • A catalyst for acid (substance which initiates a chemical reaction) Sulfonic acid, specifically aromatic sulfonic acid, is used to treat car and floor coatings for a more durable and weather-resistant surface.
  • Water softening- which turns hard water into soft water that uses less soap to clear the dirt.
  • In the production of Paper, the acid can dissolve the links between the cellulose and lignin components, allowing the lignin to be separated from the cellulose fibres as lignosulfonates.
  • In the pharmaceutical Industry- to manufacture medicines for healing cough and allergies.


What is chemical formula of sulfonic acid (LABSA)?

Any sulphur-containing organic acid having the general formula R-S(=O)2-OH is referred to as a sulfonic acid. The chemical formula for is sulfonic acid(LABSA) is R-C6H4-SO3H.

Is sulfonic acid (LABSA) harmful to life?

Acids that are sulfonic in nature are quite powerful. They are quite a few times more acidic than other acids, in fact. sulfonic acid(LABSA) when comes in contact, can cause severe harm.


Where is sulfonic acid (LABSA) found? what does sulfonic acid (LABSA) looks like?

Sulfonic Acid (LABSA) is a synthetic compound and hence produced on a large scale through a process called sulfonation. Sulfur trioxide is commonly used as a sulfonating agent. It's a thick, viscous liquid that varies in colour from black to dark brown depending on the brand.

Sulfonic Acid LABSA for sale at CamachemSulfonic Acid LABSA for sale at Camachem

Sulfonic Acid / LABSA


What are hazardous effects of sulfonic acid (LABSA)?

In just a few seconds, skin contact with the sulfonic acid(LABSA) causes selling and tissue discomfort. Serious burns and charring may occur if contact is sustained for long enough, resulting in a brown appearance and lifelong scars. Furthermore, it has the potential to irritate the eyes and lungs.


What are precautionary measures necessary to be taken to handle sulfonic acid (LABSA)?

Sulfonic acid(LABSA) is frequently used in the chemical industry. However due to its high acidity, it requires special handling, storage, and safety protocols. Wear a mask, safety goggles, gloves, and full-coverage clothing to protect your skin from the acid.


What will happen if sulfonic acid (LABSA) is heated?

De-sulfonation take place when a sulfonic acid(LABSA) is heated with aqueous sulfuric acid. The parent arene is produced by heating aryl sulfonic acids in aqueous acid. This reaction is used in a variety of applications.


Is sulfonic acid (LABSA) soluble compound?

Sulfonic acid(LABSA) is water soluble. Short-chain sulfonic acids are water soluble due to their polarity, but longer-chain sulfonic acids have detergent-like qualities due to their high acidity.


Where can I buy sulfonic acid (LABSA)?

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How much does sulfonic acid (LABSA) cost?

The cost of sulfonic acid 96%(LABSA) at our website may vary depending on the manufacturing cost. The estimated cost per tonne is $1,749.00.


What is the pH of sulfonic acid (LABSA)?

Sulfonic acids(LABSA) are extremely acidic, they usually exist as salts and are therefore quite water soluble. It has a pH between 1.2 and 7.4.


Is sulfonic acid (LABSA) an electrolyte compound?

Methane-sulfonic acid is an alkane-sulfonic acid with methyl as the directly connected alkyl group to the sulfo functionality. As a gel-typed electrolyte additive, methane-sulfonic acid (MSA) is used.


Can sulfonic acid (LABSA) go down the drain?

Dumping a significant amount of acid down the drain is usually a terrible idea since it can harm the environment and individuals. Sodium and potassium salts of sulfonic acids(LABSA) can be poured down the drain.


What is the difference between sulfonic acid (LABSA) and sulphuric acid?

 Sulfonic acid(LABSA) is sulphuric acid with an organic substituent in place of one of the hydroxyl groups. In the reduction of a sulfonic acid molecule, any salt, derivative, or intermediate is a sulphate salt or compound, which is usually a sulphate [SO3] or a sulphite. Sulfonic acid is either an aryl, aromatic, arene, or an alkane, whereas sulphuric acid is simply H2SO4.

Sulfonic Acid LABSA for sale at CamachemSulfuric Acid for sale at Camachem

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