Introduction to Nigeria Chemical Market

Importing Chemicals into Nigeria from China is one of the most cost-effective approaches for a business owner. China, which is popularly known as "the factory of the world" due to its massive manufacturing infrastructure, a wealth of industry experience, and abundant resources, would boost your profitability and help you access more chemical products cheaply.  We have previously covered the Nigeria Chemical Market here.

Buy Chemicals in Nigeria

Buy Chemicals in Nigeria

Nigeria is an attractive country suitable for chemical trade, with a growing and diverse chemical industry. However, some guidelines and procedures must be followed if you want to start importing chemicals into Nigeria from China.

This article serves as a guide to all the information you need to know about the steps involved in chemical importation into Nigeria. We discuss the basic documentation process required, the steps to getting them, and the other necessary requirements. You have all you need to know about importing chemicals into Nigeria at your fingertips. Dig In!

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How Can I Import Chemicals To Nigeria From China?

Nigeria is a short hub for chemical importation. The Nigerian Government has put in place several procedures, regulations, and documentation that will guide the importation of Chemicals into the country. They include:

NAFDAC License

A National Agency for Food and Drug Control (NAFDAC)  license is crucial if you would be importing chemicals into Nigeria. The following are the requirements needed to obtain a NAFDAC License:

  • You must have a registered company in Nigeria with the necessary documents to prove that.
  • The products that'll be imported must have the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)
  • You must have a qualified technical officer working in your company
  • A non-refundable processing fee
  • A verified and safe warehouse your company used in storing the chemicals

NAFDAC Nigeria Chemical License

An Example of a NAFDAC Form from Our Customer

Once you have all of the above, you can then proceed to the NAFDAC website to process the license by filling out the appropriate form. Your application will be subjected to a series of assessments by the official and will be approved upon verification.

NB: The importers name and address should match the ones in the NAFDAC certiticate

Form M Requirement

Form M is an essential document for importing chemicals into Nigeria from China. This is an online compulsory documentation process introduced by the Nigeria Customs Services(NCS) and Central Bank Of Nigeria(CBN). It was put in place by the Nigerian Federal Government through the Ministry of Finance. It aims to monitor the importation of goods into Nigeria and enable the collection of import duties wherever applicable.

You must obtain Form M through an Authorized Dealer Bank(ADB) to import chemicals into Nigeria. However, you can only obtain the document after fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Registering a Taxpayer Identification Number(TIN) at any Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS) office
  • Validation of the Taxpayer Identification Number at the FIRS office
  • Registering as an Importer on the FIRS portal
  • Logging into the Form M website to initiate the Form M
  • Forwarding all essential documents, such as Insurance Certificates, Pro forma invoices for chemicals regulated by NAFDAC, to the Authorized Dealer Bank for approval.

Nigeria Form M Example

An Example of the Nigerian Form M

NB: The HS Code used should match the HS code on the FORM M

Once you have all these documents ready, you can decide if you want to get the registration done physically with NAFDAC-accredited agents or online through the website.

Clean Reports Of Inspection And Analysis (CRIA)

CRIA is another essential document needed to import chemicals into Nigeria. It is known as a Clean Report of Inspection and Analysis. There are two procedures wherein you can apply for a CRIA, online and in person. To register for the CRIA both online and offline, the following documents are required:

  1. A valid copy of the NAFDAC e-certificate
  2. Completed application form
  3. A valid copy of the NAFDAC Issued Product Registration Certificate
  4. A valid copy of the Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product
  5. A valid copy of Form M
  6. A notice of pack size extension ( if there's any)
  7. Lading Bill or Airway Bill Copy
  8. A Valid Copy of the Manufacturing License

Nigeria CRIA Example

An Example of a Clean Reports Of Inspection And Analysis (CRIA) for Nigeria

Which Companies are Pre-Shipment Inspection and Testing Agents in China?

The National Agency for Food & Drug Administration (NAFDAC) maintains a list of authorized agents for pre-shipment inspection and testing agents. Below is the list of currently authorized agents in China:


Name of Agent



Telephone No & Email Address


Guangzhou Test Technology Consulting Co. Ltd


RM16-20, 15/F, Huagang Business Building, 140 West ZhongShan Road, Guangzhou 510630, P.R. China

Tel: 00986-20-38023050,

E-Mail: [email protected]  [email protected]


Shanghai Hanlin Laboratory Ltd.


Room J. 15 Floor, No 58, Liuhe Road, (no. 1 plaza), Shanghai 200001 China

Tel: 18930806449

Email: [email protected]


NHU Laboratories


RM1710, Ego Science & Technology Building No 555, Wensan Road Hangzhou City, China

Tel: 0571-88909600

Email: [email protected]


China Standards Tech. Services Ltd (CSTS)


1-3F, 31 Xizhaosi MidStreet, Dongcheng District Beijing, China,


EMail: [email protected]

How To Import Chemicals to Nigeria From China: Step By Step

Importing into Nigeria requires that a few steps be carried out; the Importer must do the following. Before confirming your order and shipping, you need to ensure all of the following are in place:

  1. You've registered your company name in Nigeria and have a Certificate of Registration/Incorporation in Nigeria

  2. You must have registered your company with the FIRS (Federal Inland Revenue Services) with current tax payment proof. A Tax Identification Number(TIN) is allowed, with an email address attached.

  3. You select a suitable bank In Nigeria that would serve as the Authorized Dealer Bank. This bank will help process the PAAR/Form M and mediate among the NCS (Nigeria Customs Service), the Importer, and other involved bodies/organizations.

Once the above steps are done, you are ready to import chemicals into Nigeria. The following steps must now follow to clear the chemicals through Nigeria Customs Service in Nigeria:

  1. You must have your regulatory Certificates, e.g. the Product Certificate (PC), for the regulated items.

  2. You activate the PC on a single online window.

  3. You must open a Form M on the Nigerian Trade Platform through the Single Window System, attach the essential documents such as the Pro forma Invoice and Insurance Certificate, and submit it to the Authorized Dealer Bank.

  4. The Authorized Dealer Bank(ADB) then validates Form M and sends it to Nigerian Custom Services.

  5. The Nigerian Customs Services then accepts or rejects Form M based on whether it's properly completed or lacking some documents and/or information.

  6. If the NCS accepts Form M, you will forward a copy to your exporter from China, who will then contact the International Accreditation Firm with the Final Invoice, Form M, the Bill Airway/Lading bill, and the packing list to ensure the SONCAP certificate.

  7. You then activate the SONCAP Certificate and apply for PAAR issuance through the Nigeria Single Window for Trade.

  8. After the PAAR is issued, you can then start clearing your chemicals.

If you are able to carry out all of these processes adequately, you will have no issue importing chemicals from China.


Importing Chemicals from China into Nigeria greatly increases your profitability while accessing a diverse and wide range of Chemicals. Chemicals, however, require standard handling procedures, which is why many regulations are involved in the importation process. The Federal Government of Nigeria has established certain procedures and processes that must be followed before you can successfully start importing chemicals into Nigeria from China.

How Can Camachem Help Me Import Chemicals?

Camachem is a reliable company you can trust with chemical importation from China to Nigeria.

After preparing the above documents, we shall help source your chemicals as well as prepare your CRIA documentation.

Our company has exported various chemicals to Nigeria, especially to Apapa port. They include:

  1. Caustic Soda Flakes
  2. Caustic Soda Pearls
  3. Sodium Bicarbonate
  4. Soda Ash (Dense and Light)
  5. Calcium Carbide
  6. Sodium Metabisulfite (SMBS)
  7. DCP
  8. MCP
  9. LABSA 96%
  10. SLES 70%
  11. Many others

Our company is reputable for production, packing and shipping chemicals in large quantities to clients across different continents, Africa inclusive. Therefore, once your documents are in place, you can contact Camachem to import the best chemicals.

Camachem Successfully Exported Chemicals to Nigeria 

Camachem preparing Sodium Bicarbonate Shipment in Tianjin for Apapa Port

Buy Chemicals in Nigeria Example

Loading the Container with Chemicals in 25 kg bags

Chemicals for Sale in Nigeria

Fully Packed and Ready to go! (No Pallets)

Camachem Preparing LABSA Shipment to Apapa Port 

Sulphonic Acid for Sales in Nigeria

LABSA ready for shipping near Shanghai Port


LABSA for Sale in Nigeria

Loading LABSA for Apapa Port

More details on our LABSA Sale to Nigeria Case Study Here

Welcome to contact us for co-operation on industrial chemicals!