How To Successfully Import Chemicals to South Sudan

The world's most oil-dependent nation is South Sudan. Nearly all the nation's export profits come from oil sales, which also contribute 95% of government income and about 60% of its GDP. Due to the country's excessive reliance on oil, even little changes in oil output, prices, or demand can significantly impact the economy. 

China is one of the main import suppliers for South Sudan. They are experienced, competent, and resourceful. They help countries like South Sudan improve their revenues and also give them fast access to quality chemicals. This article discusses everything you need to know about chemical imports into South Sudan.

Introduction to South Sudan Chemical Market

Chemical importation into South Sudan is one of the viable solutions to the country's economic recession. The oil and gas sector is one of the sectors that boosts the country's economy, therefore, there's a need to increase their oil production. This increase will help improve national growth. The importance of quality chemicals in the oil and gas industry cannot be overemphasized; therefore, there's a need to ensure that chemicals are imported from only reputable countries. Below are other sectors where chemicals are needed in large quantities.


  • Agriculture

Aside from oil, South Sudan also relies on agriculture. The country is blessed with many fertile lands that make production easier for them. For South Sudan to experience lasting peace and growth, its agricultural sector must prosper. About 95% of the population depends on farming, fishing, or herding to provide for their necessities in terms of food and money. Hence, there's a need to improve the agricultural industry through the use of quality chemicals.


  • Natural resources

South Sudan has a wealth of natural resources despite its high poverty level. The nation's main natural resources are the Nile River, oil, marble/dolomite, aluminum, iron ore, gold, and marble/dolomite. Oil is the most important of these resources, and chemicals are needed for mining these natural resources for the market will thrive in South Sudan.


  • Water

WHO and UNICEF estimate that just 10% of South Sudan's population has access to basic sanitation services that are safely managed. Water-borne illnesses like cholera and other diarrheal illnesses are brought on by drinking contaminated and unclean water, and they are a major cause of death among children in the country. To combat this problem, there's a need for a sustainable and reliable chemical market supplying water treatment agents.

The Flag of South Sudan

How Can I Import Chemicals To South Sudan From China? 

With the above information, it's evident that the chemical market in South Sudan would boom in no time. However, you must understand the critical documents to succeed as a chemical importer. You must also complete all essential import documentation. This will help you navigate through customs hassles successfully. Below are the procedures and documentation needed:

Commercial or Pro-Forma Invoices

Pro forma and commercial invoices are primarily used in international trade. The primary difference between the two is that the former is used as an estimate, while the latter is a bill for products sold. A pro forma invoice is generated by the seller and provided to the buyer before shipping items and doesn't require payment, while a commercial invoice is shipped after the goods have been delivered, and now you have to pay.

Airway Bills (AWBs) or Bill of Ladings (BOLs)

While an AWB is a non-negotiable agreement signed solely by the shipper and carrier (not the recipient), a BoL is a negotiable document signed by the shipper, carrier, and recipient. Additionally, as implied by their names, AWB and BoL are utilized for air freight and sea freight, respectively.

A copy of a Bill of Lading

Packing List

Each package's contents are listed on the packing list. It contains specific lists of each package's items, weights, and measurements. A copy of the packing list should be placed inside each carton or package, and a copy can also be attached to the outside of a package. It acts as a guide for the importer or receiver while tallying the goods they receive. The following are some of the information that should be included in the packing list:

  • Date
  • Detailed information about the product
  • Address of the cargo
  • Consignee contact information
  • Exporter's contact address
  • Commercial invoice number for the shipment

Certificate of Origin

A certificate of origin is frequently used in international commercial transactions. It certifies that the products described therein have satisfied certain requirements to be recognized as coming from a particular country. The exporter or manufacturer typically prepares and completes a certificate of origin, although it may also be subject to official certification by a recognized third party. It is frequently sent to the import country's customs agency to demonstrate the product's right to preferential treatment or admission.

Which Companies are Pre-Shipment Inspection and Testing Agents in China?

Before you start importing chemicals, you should be aware that the pre-shipment inspection process in China is a crucial phase in the supply chain management process. It stands for the last phase of each production process. A list of approved pre-shipment testing and inspection businesses in China is listed below:






Rd #32, Jinyuan, Daxing, Beijing, China

+86 010 5287 9957

[email protected]

Guangzhou Jingcheng Inspection Co,.Ltd

Room 301-547, Building 6, No.18, Kelin Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China


[email protected]

BVIS Service Co., Ltd 

West Changshuo Road, Anji, Huzhou, Zhejiang, China

+86 5725033400

[email protected]


How To Import Chemicals to South Sudan From China: Step By Step

The following steps will help you ace your chemical importation process from China to South Sudan:


  • Market survey

Perform the necessary market research before you start importing. This way, you will be completely informed of all relevant information regarding your items. Trade inquiries involve the price and terms under which the exporter offers their goods.


  • Select the best supplier

In China, chemical suppliers can be found in enormous numbers, making it simple to deal with dishonest ones. When choosing a competent and trustworthy supplier, take your time to research the best ones. Camachem is a reliable chemical-producing company you can trust with the importation into South Sudan.


  • Prepare your documents

Make sure your documents are prepared and current if you want to avoid customs delays. This will lessen your anxiety and speed up the procedure.


  • Choose the best shipping method

Before shipping your items, you must select a shipping option. The quantity, kind, weight of the chemicals, your budget, and the timeframe all affect the shipping options. Likewise, you must choose the most suitable incoterm for your shipping option.


Importing Chemicals from China into South Sudan can increase your profitability while providing access to a diverse and wide range of Chemicals at an affordable price. Due to the nature of chemicals, they require proper handling, which is why several procedures must be completed before you can successfully import and collect your chemicals at any South Sudan port. 

How Can Camachem Help Me Import Chemicals in South Sudan?

Camachem is a reliable company with a wealth of experience in shipping chemicals to different countries across the globe. The company has handled the exportation of chemicals from China to various countries, including South Sudan. All you have to do is visit the website, make an order on any chemical of your choice, acquire appropriate approvals as indicated above, and we will handle the rest. 

Our company has exported various chemicals to South Sudan through Juba Port. They include:

  1. DCP
  2. Caustic Soda Flakes
  3. Caustic Soda Pearls
  4. Sodium Bicarbonate
  5. Soda Ash (Dense and Light)
  6. Sodium Metabisulfite (SMBS)
  7. Sodium Sulfide
  8. SLES 70%
  9. Many others

Our company is reputable for producing, packing, and shipping chemicals in large quantities to clients across different continents, including Africa. Therefore, once your documents are in place, you can contact Camachem to import the best chemicals.

Camachem Successfully Exported Chemicals to South Sudan

Camachem preparing Caustic Soda Flakes Shipment in Tianjin for Juba Port

A package of Caustic Soda Pearl ready to be imported to South Sudan


A package of Caustic Soda Pearl ready to be imported to South Sudan

Camachem Preparing SLES 70 Shipment to Juba Port

A chemical ready to be shipped Into South Sudan

A chemical ready to be shipped Into South Sudan