Zinc chloride is an inorganic chemical compound with the chemical formula ZnCl2. Zinc chlorides, which have nine crystalline forms, are white or colorless and are very soluble in water. Zinc chloride is a deliquescent and hygroscopic salt.

Zinc chloride is widely used in metallurgical fluxes, textile processing, and in chemical synthesis.  Simonkolleite, Zn5(OH)8Cl2·H2O is the only known mineral with zinc Chlorides composition. 

Formula of Zinc Chloride

The chemical formula of zinc chloride is ZnCl2. Zinc chloride is made up of an ionic bond between the zinc cation, Zn2+, and chloride anions, Cl-.

Zinc Chloride appearance

All the crystalline forms of zinc chlorides are either white or colorless and very soluble in water. The chemical is solid when at room temperature. It is hygroscopic and deliquescent. When molten Zinc Chloride cools down rapidly, it's likely to form a glass-like material.

Is Zinc Chloride Acidic Or Alkaline?

When zinc chloride (ZnCl2) gets dissolved in water, the solution it produces is acidic. The aqueous solution of zinc chloride will have a pH of about 4. It can donate hydrogen ions.

Is Zinc Chloride A Salt?

Yes, the chemical is an ionic salt that is important in the synthesis of proteins, fats, and cholesterol. The chemical is an inorganic binary salt. It's a soluble salt.

Is The Chemical Soluble In Water?

Zinc chloride is very soluble in water. It's also soluble in ethanol, glycerol, and ethanol. It is a deliquescent chemical compound that should be protected from moisture.

Other Chemical Names

Zinc chloride can also be known as zinc(II) chloride, butter of zinc, neutral zinc chloride, and zinc bichloride( also known as archaic)

Chemical As A Disinfectant

Diluted zinc chloride served as a disinfectant. In 1839, Sir William Burnett promoted the use of zinc chloride as a disinfectant, and also as a wood preservative. During the  1849 Cholera epidemic, it was also tested for use as a disinfectant by the Royal Navy. However, after the death of Sir Warren Buffett, it got overtaken by carbolic acid for use as a disinfectant.

Zinc Chloride In Food

Zinc chloride is used in food mainly as a preservative, although it can also be applied to very processed products such as breakfast cereal, snack bars, and cheese. It is also applied to products such as meat products, flour, breakfast cereal, and canned tuna to reduce the rate of spoilage.

Zinc chloride can also serve as an additive to baked goods such as muffins and bread to stop white spotting, a deterioration of the color the yeast-produced enzymes cause. Zinc chloride is also used during the manufacturing of sugar to extract sugar from molasses, making it usable as an emulsifier for several products such as chocolate syrup, candy, and ice cream because it assists in maintaining the texture and consistency during the period of preparation and storage.

Zinc chloride can also be used to stop the spreading of chocolate from one cookie to another in chocolate chip cookies which enable each cookie piece to have a uniform appearance during baking. Zinc chloride also serves as a coloring agent in some food products, such as candies and flavored cakes, and also as an ingredient in several soft drinks. Due to its cooking properties, it can also be added to pasta to give it a darker look after it has been cooked.  Zinc chloride can also be added to candy foods and chocolates as red coloring, giving the products a shiny and bright appearance during the manufacturing process and consumption.

Other Uses

Here are some of the other uses of zinc chloride:

  • When in the molten state, zinc chloride can catalyze several aromatization reactions. Such as hexamethyl benzene which through the help of Zinc Chloride can be derived from methanol.
  • Zinc chloride can also be used as a catalyst in some acylation reactions of Friedel Crafts and the synthesis reaction of Fischer indole.
  • Zinc chloride can also be used as a smokescreen.
  • Zinc Chloride is an important chemical in the detection of fingerprints due to its ability to form a detectable complex with Ruhemann's purple.
  • When diluted, zinc chloride can be used as a disinfectant. It is also a component of many antiseptic mouthwash products.

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