Triethanolamine, also known as TEA is an industrial chemical that has application across different industries. The chemical formula is C6H15NO3 which means that it contains the elements of Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Oxygen. The chemical is colorless but may appear yellow when impurities are present. There is a need to know the top 6 uses of Triethanolamine before buying. Read on to find out about the uses.

1. Cement Industry

Triethanolamine is a very useful chemical in the cement making process. It serves as an organic additive when grinding cement clinker. During the grinding process, the chemical helps to prevent agglomeration and coating of the powder. As such, it helps save the cement from sticking to the balls and mill walls.

2. Cosmetics

Triethanolamine is also useful in the cosmetic making industry. There is a need for pH balancers while making cosmetic products to make them suitable for application on the human body. Products such as skin lotion, cleansing cream, moisturizers, eye gels, shampoo, and after shave cream all contain triethanolamine.

It is also used in the making of cream emulsion such as cleansing milk which is used for removing makeup after a long time of application.

3. Medical Industry

Triethanolamine also has a history of application in the medical industry. It is majorly used in the making of ear drops and ear treatment drugs. Ear Drops containing triethanolamine polypeptide oleate-condensate are effective for treating a wide range of ear diseases and infections. Impacted earwax is also treated using ear drops containing triethanolamine.

4. Agriculture

Triethanolamine is useful in agriculture also. Firstly, it is useful in fish farming for controlling algae on lakes and fish ponds. Companies producing algaecide use it as part of the components of their products. It is also present in certain agricultural herbicides as it serves as a neutralizer dispersing agent.

5. Textile

Triethanolamine also finds application in the textile making industry. It is applicable in making synthetic resins and also in the making of certain dyes used in textile production. Lubricants used in textile production also include triethanolamine as one of its components.

6. Photography

Triethanolamine is a useful chemical in photography, especially by amateur photographers. It is used as an alkali in the photo making process. It is also effective in the silver halide processing of photography. As an electron donor, it also plays the role of enhancing the speed of photography emulsions and photopolymers. It is also used as a swelling agent for reducing replay wavelength of holograms.

7. Price of Triethanolamine

The price of triethanolamine varies depending on the cost of production. However, the price on Camachem sales page is $1,000 per tonne. You can make use of the get quotation feature to get an estimated price for any quantity of the chemical you will be purchasing.

You need to know that Camachem is a reputable Chinese company that deals with the shipping and distribution of chemicals to clients across different countries in the world.