What is N-Butyl Vinyl Ether and How to Buy N-Butyl Vinyl Ether?

N-Butyl Vinyl Ether is an industrial chemical made up of the elements carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. N-Butyl Vinyl Ether is also known as Butyl Vinyl Ether and its chemical formula is C6H12O. It is a transparent, colorless liquid with a strong pungent odor.

This chemical has many industrial uses but it is most commonly used in organic synthesis.

N-Butyl Vinyl Ether.

N-Butyl Vinyl Ether Uses

N-Butyl Vinyl Ether is an extremely useful chemical. It is a special use chemical most popularly used in organic synthesis. Its uses are:

  • N-Butyl Vinyl Ether is used in coatings to form a solid and dry film.
  • It is used to form homopolymers for adhesives and paints etc.
  • It is used in various organic chemical reactions.
  • It is used in the preparation of pharmaceutical compounds like Lavendamycin Methyl Ester and Nitromarine both of which are used in anticancer therapy.
  • It is also used in the synthesis of potent inhibitors.
  • It is used as a reactive diluent.
  • It is used as an intermediate for the production of polyvinyl ether, plasticizers, and anticorrosives.
  • It acts as bases and is able to form salts with strong acids.

Is N-Butyl Vinyl Ether Safe?

N-Butyl Vinyl Ether is generally considered unsafe because the chemical is toxic. Exposure to this chemical can have acute health effects. According to the MSDS of N-Butyl Vinyl Ether, it can cause skin irritation and even skin allergy. It is very harmful to aquatic life and can have long lasting effects. Proper storage and disposal of N-Butyl Vinyl Ether needs to be taken into consideration in order to avoid any unwanted effects.

How is N-Butyl Vinyl Ether Made?

Industrially, N-Butyl Vinyl Ether is made by the reaction of acetylene and n-butyl alcohol in the presence of a potassium alkoxide catalyst.

N-Butyl Vinyl Ether 98%.

Where to Buy N-Butyl Vinyl Ether in Bulk?

You may be able to find small quantities of N-Butyl Vinyl Ether in your area. However, in order to buy large quantities of N-Butyl Vinyl Ether, it is preferable to import directly from the manufacturers. They can issue certifications and provide cost savings which is better than buying the chemical in small quantities locally or from a distributor.

If you require bulk quantities of this chemical, you can buy N-Butyl Vinyl Ether on our website or contact us for further details.

N-Butyl Vinyl Ether in bulk.

Which Countries Manufacture N-Butyl Vinyl Ether in Bulk?

The consumption of N-Butyl Vinyl Ether has increased dramatically across the world, especially in the developing countries. Therefore, its huge demand has led to a surge in companies that produce it. The main producers of N-Butyl Vinyl Ether are:

  • China
  • United States
  • Japan
  • India

How is N-Butyl Vinyl Ether Exported?

N-Butyl Vinyl Ether is shipped in:

  • Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) drum with 1000kg capacity per drum/tank.
  • Plastic drums with 150kg weight capacity per drum.
N-Butyl Vinyl Ether ready to be shipped!

What is the Latest N-Butyl Vinyl Ether Price?

As N-Butyl Vinyl Ether is a commodity product, the price usually changes depending on the price of raw materials, logistics, and other related industrial inputs such as labor and taxes. In order to get the latest price of N-Butyl Vinyl Ether, please contact us and we will provide a quotation right up to your country.

Where to Buy N-Butyl Vinyl Ether?

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