What is Pine Oil?

Pine Oil is a mineral processing chemical with multiple uses. The most popular uses of this chemical are employing the chemical as a frothing reagent in various flotation processes, and they are often used in mineral processing industries. Pine Oil is also known as Composite Floating Active Matter.

3 separate grades of Pine Oil can be purchased from Camachem.

  • Pine Oil 49% is a special grade.
  • Grade 1 represents Pine Oil 44%.
  • Grade 2 represents Pine Oil 39%.
  • Each grade shares the same density value of 0.9 g/mL in 20 degrees Celsius conditions and an expiry date of 24 months.

Pine Oil is a frothing reagent that is often used in flotation processes for both metallic and non-metallic compounds.

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What is Pine Oil Used For? An Overview of Pine Oil Uses

There are various forms of Pine Oil, and the usage of the chemical depends on the form. Manufacturers use Pine Oil 39% - 49% worldwide: as a frothing reagent in flotation processes

Pine Oil is a mining chemical that is often used in flotation processes for metallic and non-metallic compounds. These processes separate and collect the desired compounds:

  • In flotation processes, pine oil and molecules with hydrophilic and hydrophobic parts become adhered to the surface existing between air and water particles.
  • The adsorption decreases the surface tension of the solution and further dilutes it.
  • Foam is produced in conjunction with the separation of either metallic or non-metallic compounds.
  • Pine Oil is also used in separating various ores and minerals:

  • The separation of the ores is done by using flotation processes.
  • These ores and minerals include sulfide ores like copper, iron sulfide, lead, graphite, molybdenite, talc, coal, sulphur, zinc etc.
  • The hydrophobic molecules attach themselves to the surface, which repels water, making the ores float; whereas, hydrophilic molecules will attach to the water molecules instead.

Is Pine Oil Safe?

Consuming Pine Oil is unsafe because: it can cause difficulty with breathing.

According to the Pine Oil MSDS, using Pine Oil as an industrial product is generally acutely unsafe because: ingestion, inhalation, or direct contact will irritate the body.

Proper storage and disposal of Pine Oil needs to be taken into consideration in order to avoid any unwanted effects.

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How is Pine Oil Made?

You may wonder how to make Pine Oil 39% - 49%, typically the chemical is manufactured in production plants and factories. Specifically, Pine Oil is made by subjecting the bark of the pine tree to solvent extraction procedures before undergoing steam distillation processes.

Where to Buy Pine Oil in Bulk?

You may be able to find Pine Oil in small quantities in your area. But if you want to buy large quantities of Pine Oil, it is preferable to import directly from the manufacturers. They can issue certifications and provide cost savings which is better than buying the chemical in small quantities locally or from a distributor.

If you require bulk quantities of this chemical, you can buy Pine Oil on our website.

What drives demand for Pine Oil?

Since Pine Oil is relatively cheap and reliable, the main demand driver has been its effectiveness in various flotation processes.

How long does it typically take to produce a container load?

Typically, 1 day, but this time frame may vary slightly depending on different factors.

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Which Countries Manufacture Pine Oil in Bulk?

The main producers of Pine Oil are China, the United States, and Brazil.

Consumption of Pine Oil has increased dramatically across the world, especially in developing countries.

How is Pine Oil Exported?

  • Pine oil is shipped in an Intermediate Bulk Container drum with 1000 kg capacity
  • Pine oil is shipped in steel drums with 170 kg capacity
  • Pine oil is shipped in plastic drums with 185 kg capacity

What is the latest Pine Oil price?

As Pine Oil is a commodity product, the price usually changes depending on the price of raw materials, logistics and other related industrial inputs such as labor and taxes. In order to get the latest price of Pine Oil, please contact us and we will provide a quotation right up to your country.

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Where to Buy Pine Oil?

Here at Camachem we have Pine Oil for sale. We export worldwide, so you can contact us for a FREE quotation today via email [email protected] or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response +86-131-2037-9271.