Copper Chloride Hydroxide / Copper OxyChloride (Cu:58% min)

CAS Number:

Other Trading Names:

  • Copper(II) chloride
  • Cupric Chloride
  • Copper Trihydroxyl chloride
  • 58% Basic Copper Chloride
  • Copper(II)Chloride Dihydrate

Type of Packaging :

  • 25kg / cardboard drum
  • 1-ton Jumbo bag

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Copper Chloride Hydroxide / Copper OxyChloride (Cu:58% min)

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product name58%Calicop(Basic Copper Chloride)/Copper(II)Chloride Dihydrate
shelf life
2 years
Testing Items
Standard Data
Testing Data
AppearanceGey-green powder
Gey-green powder

Content of Cu          ≥

Heavy metal(Pb)        ≤10mg/kg2.24mg/kg
Arsenic(As)           ≤20mg/kg7.67mg/kg
Cadmium (Cd)          ≤3mg/kg0.13mg/kg
Granule size(mesh 250um)  ≥95%100%

Chemical appearance:
Copper Choride hydroxide comes in green orthorhombic crystals or a green to bluish powder. The color may vary to dark green to blackish. This compound is insoluble in water and insoluble in organic substances.

Chemical application and strengths:

  • The chemical is highly stable in neutral media and average room temperature. However, it is highly reactive with alkaline media where it decomposes and warms the alkaline material instead. The main use if the compound is a fungicidal spray on grapes, tea, coffee, cotton and cardamom. In rubber, it is sprayed from the above to control attack on the leaves.

  • Copper Chloride is also used as a colorant and pigment in the production of ceramics and glass. It also used in adding color in wall paintings. Since it is available in natural form, it has been used for ages as a manuscript illumination and paint coloring agent by various civilizations. Its deep green and blue color makes it a good agent for use in pyrotechnics. It is also used decolorize dyes such as Indigo Carmine and Amido black

  • The material is used in the preparation of catalysts. However4, it is also used as a catalyst in the organic synthesis processes in both oxidation and chlorination. One of such processes is the chlorination of ethylene. It also works as a partial catalyst in the oxidation of n-butane which changes to maleic anhydride.

  • Copper is one of the trace chemicals that is required in animals. For that case, it is used as one of the trace elements found in animal feeds and fish feeds. It does not react or oxidize other feed ingredients especially vitamins as well as other volatile feed ingredients.

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Copper Chloride Hydroxide / Copper OxyChloride (Cu:58% min)