Diethyltoluenediamine (DETDA)

Other Trading Names:

  • Diethyltoluenediamine

CAS Number: 68479-98-1

HS Code: 292151

Types of Packaging:

  • 200 kg/drum
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Diethyltoluenediamine (DETDA)


Light yellow to amber transparent liquid




1.013~1.022 g/cm³

Amine value

620-630 mgKOH/g

Boiling point(760mmHg)

301~308 ℃

Flash point

>135 ℃


≤0.15 %


155~160 mPa.s

Chemical Description

  • Diethyltoluenediamine (DETDA) is a remarkably versatile chemical compound extensively employed across a diverse array of industrial applications due to its exceptional properties and reactivity.
  • Typically manifested as a clear to pale yellow liquid, DETDA is characterized by a faint amine odor, and its molecular formula is represented as C11H18N2, with a molecular weight of 178.27 g/mol.
  • Its chemical structure comprises a toluene ring adorned with two aminoethyl groups positioned orthogonally, which imbues it with distinctive traits crucial for numerous processes.
  • One of Diethyltoluenediamine (DETDA)’s principal attributes lies in its high reactivity, predominantly owing to the presence of amino groups, which facilitate reactions with isocyanates.
  • As a curing agent, DETDA plays an indispensable role in engendering polyurethane networks, thereby fostering the emergence of robust and high-performance polyurethane materials.
  • Polyurethane formulations fortified with DETDA showcase outstanding mechanical properties, encompassing noteworthy tensile strength and elongation, rendering them eminently suitable for a myriad of applications.
  • Additionally, DETDA-reinforced polyurethane materials evince unparalleled resistance to abrasion, thus ensuring their resilience and durability even in the face of demanding environmental conditions.
  • Moreover, DETDA contributes significantly to augmenting the thermal stability of polyurethane systems, thereby endowing them with the capacity to endure elevated temperatures sans substantial degradation.
  • Industries spanning coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers, and industrial flooring rely extensively on DETDA by virtue of its versatility and exceptional performance.
  • Prudent adherence to proper handling and storage protocols is imperative when dealing with DETDA to effectively mitigate potential health hazards stemming from its reactivity and toxicity.
  • Furthermore, disposal procedures for DETDA necessitate strict adherence to stringent regulations governing hazardous chemicals to safeguard environmental integrity and human health.
  • In summation, Diethyltoluenediamine (DETDA) occupies a pivotal niche in facilitating the synthesis of premium-grade polyurethane products, thereby catalyzing innovation and propelling progress across diverse industrial domains on a global scale.
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Diethyltoluenediamine (DETDA)