Hydrated Lime 90% / Calcium Hydroxide 90%

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  • Hydrated Lime

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Hydrated Lime 90% / Calcium Hydroxide 90%-1

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                   Index                                     Content
The number of hydrogen bond donor2
The number of hydrogen bond acceptor:2
He amount of rotation of chemical bond0
The topology of the polar molecular surface area2
The number of heavy atoms3
Surface charge0
The atomic number of isotopes:0
Determine the atomic number stereocenter0
Not sure the number of atomic center0
To determine the chemical bond stereocenter number0
Not sure the number of chemical bond center:0

Chemical appearance:
Hydrated lime has white, fine granulate appearance. It is soluble in water and does not have distinctive odor.

Chemical application and strengths:

  • Hydrated lime is a highly basic substance. Therefore, it is used in various processes that require the regulation of PH in acidic environments. In the mining industry, it works s a PH regulator during the extraction of gold.

  • In mining, hydrated lime used to stabilize the cyanide complex and prevent hydrogen cyanide from occurring. It also acts as a PH regulator in the slurry to make conditions conducive for the floatation of various minerals. Further in the mineral production process, it is added into leaching tanks as this is another point where hydrogen cyanide is likely to form.

  • When being applied as a neutralizing agent, the PH of the material to be neutralized is first determined. Then a proportionate amount of hydrated lime is added until the desired PH is attained. The same happens in the in the leaching pads where the return feed water determines how much lime would be used in the process. If the ore seems too difficult to cyanide leach, sodium cyanide and lime is added at the ball mill to increase the times that lime will be in contact with the ore. The result is a more balanced PH and prevention of the formation of the cyanide gas.

  • Hydrated lime is used to modify PH in froth floatation processes to increase the efficiency of the process. In addition, it is used to correct the PH of water in treatment plants. In many detergent manufacturing plants, sulfuric acid is used and some of it ends in the effluent water. Hydrated lime is introduced to neutralize this acidity.

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Hydrated Lime 90% / Calcium Hydroxide 90%