Industrial Grade Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate

Industrial Grade Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate

Lithium Chloride 99%

Lithium Chloride 99%

Lithium Carbonate 98-99.99%

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Other Trading Names:

  • Dilithium Carbonate
  • Lithium salt of carbonate
  • Lithonate
  • Carbolith

Types of Packaging

  • 25kg PE plastic bags packaging
  • Customized packaging depending on customers' demand.

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Lithium Carbonate

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Lithium Carbonate is a special use chemical used in the steel industry. It serves as a moulding powder when casting steels. It is also usable in the health industry for the treatment of specific diseases. Likewise, the chemical finds application in the glass-making industry. You can extract lithium from a brine pool (underground). Lithium Carbonate is a natural chemical in lakes and seas. The chemical formula is Li2CO3.

Chemical Appearance

Lithium Carbonate is salt in a plain or white color. It is odorless and exists in anhydrous form. It has the lowest solubility in water compared to other Lithium salts. The chemical is insoluble in acetone, ammonia, and alcohol.

Chemical Applications and Strengths

Lithium carbonate is used in variety of industries. Steel manufacturing firms, healthcare companies, and battery manufacturing companies all use it. The following are some of the salt's applications:

  • It serves as a molding powder for the continuous casting of steel in steel-making companies
  • It aids the improvement of electrolyte conductivity and, as such, increases current efficiency and reduces heat loss in electrolysis cells.
  • Also, in electrolysis cells, it helps reduce the viscosity, volatility, and melting point of an electrolyte
  • It is used in the preparation of refrigerants such as Lithium Bromide. It also helps in the formation of Lithium Chloride for lithium metal electrolysis.
  • It is used in ceramic-making companies for making low and high-fire ceramic glazes.
  • It is also used as a supplement in cement production and also for making tile adhesive.
  • It is used in healthcare for the treatment of bipolar diseases and also for manufacturing drugs by some pharmaceutical companies

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Lithium Carbonate 98-99.99%