Overview of Chemical Industry in Brazil and How to Buy Chemicals

Flag of Brazil, One of Camachem top customer

Flag of Brazil

Introduction to Brazil

Population: 211 million.

Capital: Brasilia

Official Language: Portuguese

Total Area: 8.516 million km²

Currency: Brazilian real (R$)

Economy of Brazil

Economic Overview:

  • As of 2020, Brazil had a GDP of 1.445 trillion USD.
  • The top industrial sectors include textile, chemical, mining, and construction.

Economy Breakdown of Brazil:

  • Industry: 17.92%
  • Agriculture: 4.44%
  • Services: 63.25%

Brazil’s Main Import Partners:

  • South Korea: 3.4%
  • Argentina: 6.2%
  • The United States: 16.5%
  • China: 18.1%
  • European Union: 21.2%

Brazil’s Main Export Partners:

  • Japan: 2.4%
  • Argentina: 8%
  • The United States: 12.3%
  • European Union: 21.2%
  • China: 21.8%

Chemical Use In Brazil

The Brazilian chemical industry is the 8th largest in the world, with a 10% contribution to the GDP and two million jobs. In 2020, the 10% amounted to $101.7 billion.

The immense chemical sector allows Brazil to have a stronghold in several other world industries, such as cosmetics, agrochemicals, and oil and gas.

Here are some significant industries aided by the Chemical Sector:

  • Paper and Pulp Industry

Brazil has one of the largest paper and pulp industries in the world. Thanks to the reliable chemical sector, the country has significantly more paper and pulp exports than the competition.

One of the most demanded chemicals in this department is Caustic Soda, and countries prefer to import it from suppliers such as Camachem.

  • Textile Industry

The Brazilian textile industry is valued at 65 billion U.S. dollars. This amounts to 4.1% of the Gross Net Product of Brazil.

Camachem supplies every chemical, organic or inorganic, for the textile industry and has been exporting fundamental chemicals such as Caustic Soda, HCL, and more to the sector.

Seaports And Trading Hubs Of Brazil

Brazil trades through both air and sea. The topmost important ports are

  • Santos Port
  • Port Of Santarém
  • Port of Paranaguá
  • Port of Vitória
  • Port of Salvador

Port of Santos, where Camachem product lands

Port of Santos

Camachem uses the port Santos for chemicals supplying.

What Chemicals Does Brazil Import?

Brazil imports several chemicals via different industrial sectors. Below are some of them:

What Regulations Are There On Importing Chemicals To Brazil?

In Brazil, importers need to provide the following:

  • Import license
  • Import Declaration
  • Proof of Import
  • Legal Permits from Federal Police, Ministry of Environment, or Ministry of Agriculture for special cases.

Why Should Brazil Import Chemicals?

· Better Pricing

International vendors, such as Camachem, have lower prices. There are no hidden fees.

· Quality

International vendors maintain constant product quality as compared to local markets.

· Long-Term Deals

Long-term partnerships with international suppliers can last decades. Customers prefer them over local marketplaces with constraints because they provide additional benefits.

Where Can I Buy Chemicals For Brazil?

Camachem is a regular supplier of Chemicals to Brazil. To import, contact us at [email protected] or WhatsApp us at +86-131-2037-9271 for a FREE quotation.

Click here for more information on Camachem and Chemicals.

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