Overview of the Chemical Industry in Jordan and How to Buy Chemicals?

Flag of Jordan.

Brief Introduction of Jordan


  • Capital of Jordan is Amman
  • It has a population of 10,101,694 million.
  • The total area is 89,342 km2.
  • The official language of Jordan is Arabic
  • The currency is Jordanian Dinar (JOD)

 Economic Statistics of Jordan

Jordan is the 30th largest economy in Asia and 94th in the world. It has a GDP of $44.503 billion.

Economy Breakdown

  • Agriculture 4.5%
  • Industry 28.8%
  • Services 66.6%

Main Industries of Jordan

The largest industries of Jordan are:

  • Phosphate Mining
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Cement
  • Potash
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Tourism

Jordan’s Main Import Partners

  • China 9%
  • Saudi Arabia 14.7%
  • United States 6.05%
  • United Arab Emirates 5.83%
  • Egypt 5.44%

Jordan’s Main Export Partners

  • United States 20.8%
  • Saudi Arabia 12.8%
  • India 8.4%
  • Iraq 7.12%
  • United Arab Emirates 5.37%

Chemical Use in Jordan

Given the economic growth of Jordan, it is an attractive country for chemical trade. Jordan’s chemical industry is diverse and includes chemicals for:

  • Mining
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Oil Refining

Pharmaceuticals in Jordan.


Mining is the biggest industry of Jordan. The efficiency and effectiveness of the mining industry is largely dependent upon chemicals. The right chemicals are very important for mining because they ensure effective extraction, processing, and refining of minerals.


Chemicals are quite extensively used in the pharmaceutical industries. They are a major component of a number of pharmaceutical products. Chemicals are the most basic raw materials used in pharmaceuticals. They are used in researching and manufacturing active drug substances. The pharmaceutical manufacturing includes extraction, processing, purification, and packaging of chemical products that are to be used as medicines.

Oil Refining

Oil refining industry is one of the largest in Jordan. The use of chemicals in oil refineries is quite common and also necessary. Various chemicals are used in the different processes of oil refineries. Chemicals are used for purification of oils. Chemicals are also used for converting the extracted oils into various refined products.

Seaports and Trading Hubs of the Country

Jordan is accessible by both land and sea. For international trading, the only seaport of Jordan is:

  • Port of Aqaba

Port of Aqaba, Jordan.

For importing the goods, Camachem uses the largest port, the Port of Aqaba.

What Chemicals does Jordan Import?

According to the latest trade data, Jordan imported around $134.5 thousand in inorganic chemicals and $450 million in organic chemicals. The imports include chemicals such as:

Salicyl Hydroxamic Acid is one of the key chemicals that we export to Jordan.

Glutaraldehyde is one of the key chemicals that we export to Jordan.

Triethanolamine is one of the key chemicals that we export to Jordan.

What Regulations are there on Importing Chemicals to the Country?

In order to import chemicals to Jordan the requirements are:

  • Any person who wants to do international trade must have a license as per the business and should be enlisted in the Trade and Company Register of the country for exporting or importing from and into Jordan.
  • Documents should be legalised from Jordanian Consulate in the exporting country.
  • Jordan Customs Department is responsible for facilitating trade exchange, collecting revenues, controlling passenger and goods movement, combatting smuggling, and preventing trade of illegal substances.
  • The required import documents in Jordan depend upon the trade policy of the government, the nature of the import goods, and specific goods being imported to Jordan.
  • The importer should make sure that all the import documents are correctly filled in order to clear the customs formalities and satisfy all compliance and regulations.
  • Delay in filing or absence of documents can delay clearance process.

Why should Jordan Import Chemicals?


Availability – The local chemical industry produces a very controlled amount of chemicals and some buyers require large amounts of chemicals in an urgent manner. It is extremely in demand by various top tier industries. Due to the enormous increase in the demand of chemicals, it is essential for Jordan to import it in order to meet the needs of the country.


High Chemical Cost – Due to the cutthroat local competition and high costs of production, the local prices of chemicals are much higher than those in the international trade market. So chemicals are easier to buy from the international market. Jordan spent about $1.96 billion on chemicals in 2019.


Chemical Quality – While a most of the international chemical suppliers are well known for their high end products, some minor local producers can have diverse chemical quality. Local chemical suppliers do not have good positions in the market and are generally not trusted much due to the bad quality of their products. Therefore, in order to get excellent quality products that meet customer’s high standards, internationally well known suppliers are the best option.

Where can I Buy Chemicals for Jordan?


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