Overview of the Chemical Industry in United States and How to Buy Chemicals

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Introduction to United States

  • Population: 331 million people.
  • Capital: Washington, DC
  • Official Language: English
  • Total Area: 9,834,000 km2
  • Currency: United States Dollar

Economy of United States

Economic Overview:

    • USA is located in North America.
    • USA has the World's largest economy.
    • USA has a nominal GDP of USD 20.8 trillion.
    • The largest industries: Oil and Gas, Steel, Motor Vehicle, Telecommunication, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Mining, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Construction, Detergents, Health Care Equipment, Cement, Rubber, Aerospace, Footwear, Manufacturing, Textiles, Furniture, and Machinery.

Economy Breakdown of United States:

      • Service sector: 77%
      • Industry: 18%
      • Agriculture: 0.9%

USA's Main Import Partners:

      • China: 19%
      • Mexico: 14%
      • Canada: 12%
      • Germany: 5%
      • Japan: 5%

USA’’s Main Export Partners:

      • China: 10%
      • Canada: 17%
      • Mexico: 15%
      • Japan: 5%
      • South Korea: 4%

Chemical use in United States

Given the economic growth of the United States, it is an attractive country for chemical trade. USA's chemical industry is diverse and includes chemicals for mining, automobiles, petrochemicals, fertilizers, steel, cement, electronics and appliances, textiles, footwear, machinery, pesticides, paper, printing, and water treatment plants.

The chemical sector contributes to about 25% of the National GDP and about 7% of the World's GDP.

      • Oil and Gas Industry

The United States is the World's largest producer and consumer of oil. It produces about 46% of gasoline, 20% of diesel fuel, and 10% of petroleum gas and consumes over 20 million barrels per day of petroleum products.

The United States uses many imported chemicals because the demand for chemicals is higher than it can produce.

Camachem has supplied mining chemicals such as Hydroxamic acid and activated carbon to the United States..

      • Water Treatment Industry

Increased urbanization, industrialization, and the constant growth in the country's population are some of the factors that have increased the demand for clean and safe water. All over the World, water is subjected to severe contamination and must be treated to remove bacteria.

The demand for safe, clean water translates to the need for water treatment chemicals. The United States uses enormous amounts of water treatment chemicals, some of which are manufactured locally, but a significant portion is also imported. /p>

The United States uses large amounts of water treatment chemicals from both local and international markets.

Camachem has supplied industrial chemicals such as Caustic Soda Flakes, Zinc Sulfate, and Lead Nitrate.

      • Plastic Industry

Thailand prides itself as the largest producer of environmentally friendly plastics, guided and reinforced by strong government policies.

They are the biggest consumer of plastics in the automotive and electronics industries. The automotive industry consumes an estimated USD 900 million worth of plastic annually.

Plastics are used in parts for cars, vans, trucks, motorbikes.

Camachem has supplied water treatment such as Calcium Hypochlorite, Sodium Hypochlorite, and Ferric Chloride to the United States.

Seaports and Trading Hubs of Unites States

The USA is accessible by both land and sea. For international trading, the main seaports are:

      • Port of Los Angeles
      • Port of Long Beach
      • Port of New York and New Jersey
      • Georgia Ports
      • Port of Seattle-Tacoma
      • Port of Virginia
      • Port of Houston
      • South Carolina Ports
      • Port of Oakland

For importing goods, Camachem uses the Port of Los Angeles, the busiest port due to its strategic position to import goods. It accounts for an estimated 13% of North America's market share, handling over USD 1.2 billion worth of Cargo.

Seaports and Trading Hubs in the USA

      • International trading seaports and trading hubs in the United States, including Los Angeles's port, which is the largest cargo seaport due to their strategic position.

Port of Los Angeles

      • The ports of Los Angeles are the leading gateway to international trade.

What Chemicals does United States Import?

According to the latest trade data, the United States imports USD 55 million in inorganic chemicals and USD 107 million in organic chemicals. They include chemicals such as:

What Regulations are there on Importing Chemicals to the United States?

The United States government developed a Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) that guides the importation of chemicals and mixtures that contain chemical substances.

All importers must comply with TSCA requirements.

        • Pre-Manufacture Notification: It is a requirement under TSCA to notify the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of any imported or manufactured products. This is to ensure proper hazard and exposure assessments are done to guide the use of chemicals.
        • Testing of Chemicals: TSCA, under section 4, requires that all importers/manufacturers test chemical substances, investigate, and establish the level of toxicity to the environment and health.
        • Certification for Imports: This document contains the certifiers name, email address, and contacts. The document must be filed electronically in the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) by the importer or an authorized dealer. 
        • TSCA Requirement for Specific Chemicals: This is well stipulated under section 6 of TSCA and includes asbestos and mercury chemicals.

        Other requirements include:

        • Commercial Invoice
        • Proper Labeling
        • Identification Document
        • License and Permits
        • Certificate of Weight and Volume
        • Insurance Certificate
        • Valuation

Why Should United States Import Chemicals?

      • High Cost of Chemicals - Imported chemicals are less expensive than locally manufactured chemicals tend to be, resulting from the high cost of labor, taxes, and raw materials for local companies.
      • Quality of Chemicals - International importers have a reputation for producing quality chemicals, and some smaller domestic manufacturers can have a variant in quality. This has continued to pave the way for the importation of chemicals.
      • Long-Term Agreements - Long-term agreements offer several advantages: trade discounts, consistency in the manufacturing line and quality, and partnership in product advancement.

Sodium Hypochlorite for Sale in USA

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      • Sodium Hypochlorite ready for shipment. It is used in water treatment.

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