Other Trading Names: 

  • 2-Ethylhexylphosphoric Acid Mono-2-Ethylhexyl Ester
  • P507 Extraction Agent
  • 2-ethylhexyl hydrogen -2-ethylhexylphosphonate

CAS Number: 14802-03-0

HS Code: 2919900090

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  • 180kg/drum
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Chemical Name




Molecular Formula


CAS Number



Colorless Transparent Liquid

Grade Standard

Industrial Grade, Reagent Grade, Extraction Grade


Soluble in kerosene, petroleum ether, alcohol, insoluble in water

Melting Point


Boiling Point

390.6±25.0 °C


0.972 g/cm³

Chemical Description 

  • 2-Ethylhexyl Phosphate, commonly known as P507, is an organophosphorus compound characterized by its formula C16H35O4P. It appears as a slightly yellow to colorless liquid with a mild odor and is primarily known for its role as a solvent and extractant in various industrial applications.
  • In the field of metallurgy, P507 is extensively used in the extraction and purification of rare earth elements. Its unique chemical properties allow for the efficient separation of metals from ores and other substrates, contributing significantly to the production of high-purity metal components.
  • The compound is also a key player in solvent recovery processes. Its ability to selectively dissolve and extract specific compounds makes it invaluable in the recycling and purification of industrial solvents, thereby promoting sustainability and reducing waste in chemical manufacturing.
  • P507 serves as an essential component in the production of various chemicals, where it is utilized as an intermediate or a catalyst. Its effectiveness in facilitating chemical reactions and processes enhances productivity and efficiency in chemical manufacturing operations.
  • Furthermore, its application extends to the pharmaceutical industry, where it is used in the extraction and purification of drugs, vitamins, and other bioactive compounds. The high purity levels required for pharmaceutical compounds make P507 a crucial tool in achieving the desired quality standards.
  • In environmental engineering, 2-Ethylhexyl Phosphate plays a significant role in the treatment and recovery of industrial effluents. Its capability to extract harmful or valuable components from waste streams contributes to environmental protection efforts and resource recovery initiatives.
  • Due to its low water solubility and high efficiency as an extractant, P507 is also explored for its potential in biofuel production, specifically in the extraction of lipids from algae for biodiesel production.
  • With its broad range of applications, high efficiency, and effectiveness as an extractant and solvent, 2-Ethylhexyl Phosphate (P507) is a valuable asset in the chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgical, and environmental sectors, offering innovative solutions to modern industrial challenges.
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