Sec-Butyl Acetate (SBAC)

Other Trading Names:

  • 2-Butyl acetate
  • Sec-butyl ethanoate
  • SBA

CAS Number: 105-46-4

HS Code: 2915390090

Types of Packaging: 

  • 200kg drum
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Sec-Butyl acetate (SBAC)

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Colorless transparent liquid

Butyl acetate

99 %

Acidity(by acetic acid)

0.005 %


0.1 %


0.878-0.883 g/cm3

Evaporation deposits

0.005 %



Butyl formate


Butyl propionate


Chemical Description

  • Sec-Butyl acetate, also known as 2-methylpropyl acetate, holds the chemical formula C6H12O2.
  • Its structural formula comprises a butyl group bonded to an oxygen atom, which is then bonded to a carbonyl group of an acetate group, along with an additional methyl group.
  • With a molecular weight of approximately 116.16 g/mol, sec-butyl acetate presents itself as a colorless liquid possessing a fruity odor.
  • Its density measures about 0.878 g/cm³, and it exhibits a melting point around -73°C while boiling at approximately 118-119°C.
  • While soluble in organic solvents like ethanol and ether, sec-butyl acetate displays only slight solubility in water.
  • Production-wise, it is synthesized through an esterification reaction between sec-butanol and acetic acid in the presence of an acid catalyst.
  • In the presence of water and a catalyst, hydrolysis can occur, yielding sec-butanol and acetic acid.
  • Though relatively stable under standard conditions, sec-butyl acetate can react with strong acids or bases and oxidizing agents.
  • Like numerous organic solvents, it poses flammability risks and thus necessitates cautious handling.
  • It is packaged in a 200 kg drum.
  • Its applications span various industries; it serves as a solvent in paints, coatings, and inks due to its ability to dissolve resins and polymers.
  • Additionally, it finds use as a flavoring agent in the food industry, imparting fruity notes to beverages, candies, and baked goods.
  • The fragrance industry also employs sec-butyl acetate for its fruity aroma, incorporated into perfumes, cosmetics, and personal care products.
  • Furthermore, it acts as a chemical intermediate in the synthesis of other compounds and pharmaceuticals.
  • Safety considerations encompass precautions against ignition sources, ensuring adequate ventilation, and wearing protective gloves to prevent skin contact.
  • Ingestion may result in gastrointestinal irritation, highlighting the importance of proper disposal to prevent environmental harm.
  • Therefore, prudent handling and disposal practices are imperative to mitigate risks associated with sec-butyl acetate.
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Sec-Butyl Acetate (SBAC)