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Sodium Erythorbate

CAS Number:


Other Trading Names:

  • Isoascorbic acid
  • Sodium salt

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  • 25kg packaging
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  • 50kg packaging.

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Sodium Erythorbate

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Item Value
Purity 98 - 100.5%
Melting Point 168 - 170 °C
Boiling Point Unavailable
Density Unavailable
Solubility 16g/100mL
Viscosity Not Relevant
pH 5.5 - 8.0
Relative Density 1.2
Molar Mass 198.11 g/mol

Sodium erythorbate is a chemical that is particularly useful in the food industry. It is the sodium salt of erythorbic acid, and it is produced from different sugar sources such as beets, corn, and sugar cane. It has the chemical formula C6H7NaO6. It is non reactive in its dry, crystalline state but reacts readily with oxidizing agents when in solution with water.

Chemical Appearance

The chemical has the appearance of a whitish powder. Its color ranges from white to a slightly yellow crystalline granule or powder. It is almost odorless. As a solution, its appearance is clear and limpid. It is soluble in water. It is a non-toxic chemical and not very explosive.

Chemical Applications and Strengths

Sodium Erythorbate is an extremely useful organic chemical, and for that reason, it has several industrial uses. Its main applications and strengths are:

  • It is used predominantly as a food additive in meats, poultry, and soft drinks.
  • It is used to improve flavor stability.
  • It is used to prevent the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines in food.
  • It is usually used as a food preservative.
  • It is used in the development of corrosion inhibitors for metals.
  • It is used in active packaging.
  • It is used sporadically in beverages, salads, and baked goods
  • It is used to quicken the cure of meats while maintaining their freshness and color.
  • It is generally used as an antioxidant.
  • It is a primary component of hair products.
  • It is used in the manufacture of nail products.
  • It is used in cosmetic products.
  • It is used in anti-scaling agents.
  • It is used industrially as an oxidizing/reducing agent.
  • It is used in functional fluids for open systems.
  • It is used in water treatment products.
  • It is used in building/construction materials.

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Sodium Erythorbate