Acesulfame Potassium

Other Trading Names:

  • Acesulfame-k

CAS Number: 55589-62-3

HS Code: 29349910

Types of Packaging:

  • 25kg/bag
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Acesulfame Potassium

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Chemical Name

Acesulfame Potassium



Molecular Formula


CAS Number



White powder

Grade Standard

Food Grade


Soluble in water

Melting Point

229-232 ºC

Boiling Point

210 ºC


1.81 g/cm3

Chemical Description

  • Acesulfame Potassium (Ace-K), a calorie-free artificial sweetener, is widely used in the food and beverage industry to enhance sweetness without adding calories. This makes it an ideal ingredient for weight management and diabetic-friendly products. With its white crystalline appearance and high solubility in water, Ace-K maintains its sweetness without contributing to tooth decay, making it beneficial for oral hygiene products as well.
  • As a potent sweetener, approximately 200 times sweeter than sugar, Ace-K requires minimal quantities to achieve the desired sweetness, contributing to cost efficiency in production. It is stable under heat and across a broad range of pH levels, making it suitable for use in a wide variety of products, including baked goods, soft drinks, confectioneries, and dairy products.
  • In addition to its use as a standalone sweetener, Ace-K is often blended with other sweeteners such as sucralose and aspartame to produce a more sugar-like taste profile and to mask any potential aftertastes. This synergy allows for the creation of products that closely mimic the taste of sugar while still being low in calories.
  • Ace-K is also used in pharmaceuticals, particularly in chewable and liquid medications, where it masks the bitterness of active pharmaceutical ingredients, improving palatability and patient compliance.
  • Given its non-nutritive nature, Ace-K passes through the body without being metabolized, offering a sweetening option for individuals monitoring their intake of calories or carbohydrates.
  • In the realm of dietary products and supplements, Ace-K provides an essential tool for formulating low-calorie, sweet-tasting options that support a healthy diet without sacrificing flavor.
  • When used in combination with other sweeteners, Ace-K can help optimize the sensory profile of food and beverage products, reducing the likelihood of an undesirable aftertaste and improving overall taste satisfaction.
  • Ace-K is distinguished by its exceptional chemical stability, allowing it to maintain its sweetening power over long periods and under varying storage conditions. This stability extends its shelf life and preserves the quality of the products in which it is used, making it a preferred choice for manufacturers looking for reliable sweetening solutions.
  • Its widespread use and approval by various global health authorities underscore its safety and effectiveness as a high-intensity sweetener in both food and pharmaceutical applications.
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Acesulfame Potassium