Barium carbonate is an inorganic compound that's poorly water-soluble. It is amongst the most important compounds of barium. It is a white salt like almost every alkaline earth metal carbonate. Barium Carbonate is a white crystalline powder that's toxic when ingested. It's tasteless and odorless.

Common Names For Barium Carbonate

The most common name for Barium carbonate is Witherite. Witherite is a naturally occurring mineral. Barium Carbonate can also be referred to as barium sulfate.

Formula Of Barium Sulphate And How Is It Produced?

The chemical formula for Barium Carbonate is BaCO3. Barium carbonate is often made by treating barium sulfide with carbon dioxide between 40 to 90°C or usually sodium carbonate between 60 to 70°C.

It can also be produced by treating a barium sulfide aqueous solution with sodium carbonate. This process can also be known as the soda ash process.

Uses In Oil Industry

Barium carbonate is often used in the oil industry in making drilling muds. There are several types of drilling mud and they serve several purposes. Drilling muds lubricate the drill and simplify the process of drilling rocks.

Uses In Ceramic Industry

Barium carbonate is well known in the ceramics industry for being widely used as an ingredient for glazes. It can serve as a matting, flux, and crystallizing agent and when combined with specific coloring oxides it produces special colors that can be easily attained in other ways. It is however still controversial since there are some claims of barium carbonate leaching from the glazes and into drinks and food. To ensure safety, those who use Barium Carbonate use it in a fritted form.

Uses In Glass Industry

About 75% of Barium Carbonate being produced is used in the manufacturing of specialty glass, either to provide a shield from radiation in television tubes and cathode rays or to raise its refractive index. Barium carbonate can also be used in the creation of optical glasses.  Blanc fixe is a chemical that's used in creating similar products. Barium carbonate can also be useful in the creation of other products related to glass.

Uses In Paint Industry

Barium Carbonate is used in the paint industry for the manufacturing of lithopone. Lithophone is the white powder used throughout the paint industry as a pigment in white paint. It contains 20% barium carbonate, 30% Zinc sulfide, and about 7% Zinc oxide.

It can also be used in the creation of products such as Blanc fixe. Blanc fixe is used in the production of high-quality paint. Barium carbonate goes through the precipitation process, which enables a scientist to extract a powder from the fluid solution.

Uses In Daily Life

Barium Carbonate is an important chemical that's used in making modern-day lives function. The use of Barium in our day-to-day life is seemingly endless. Barium carbonate can be used to remove impurities of sulfate from the feedstock.

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