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Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate

What is Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate?

A Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate is otherwise known as Ferric Alum. It is a white crystalline solid and may also appear as a white powder. The chemical is soluble in water but not soluble in inorganic compounds such as ethanol. The chemical does not appear as a residue when dissolved in water. It is a non-toxic substance, inflammable, but may however cause harm if spread in large quantities.

The chemical is a hygroscopic substance with the ability to absorb water from the atmosphere. Therefore, it must be kept in an environment like a closed container. Slight traces of lead and iron may also be found in this chemical. The pH value is 3.5 which shows that it is acidic. The chemical will turn to a dark color when exposed to chemicals that can oxidize.

What is Non-Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate?

Non-Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate is otherwise known as Non-Ferric Aluminum Sulfate or Cake Alum. It is a translucent powder, flakes, or granular in appearance. When water is poured on Non-ferrous Aluminum Sulfate and it is exposed to the atmosphere, it then turns to a cake shape. It is soluble in water and insoluble in inorganic compounds. It is non-toxic and does not pose any danger either acute or potential.

It does not often react with naturally occurring elements. When it reacts with sodium bicarbonate, it forms a carbon dioxide blanket which is good for firefighting. It is usable in many industries including the water treatment industry, papermaking industry, and animal feed making.

Non-ferrous Aluminum Sulfate for sale on Camachem

Non-Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate.

What is the difference between Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate and Non-ferrous Aluminum Sulfate?

Although Ferrous and Non-ferrous Aluminum Sulfate are closely related, there still exist differences between the two. They serve almost the same functions and can sometimes be used interchangeably.

Chemical Components

Both Ferrous and Non-ferrous Aluminum Sulfate are composed of Aluminum, Sulphur, and Oxygen. However, Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate has slight traces of iron and lead while Non-ferrous Aluminum Sulfate is iron-free.

Common Names

In most cases, they are often mistaken by calling them the same name. Meanwhile, the Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate is otherwise known as Ferric Alum while Non-ferrous Aluminum Sulfate is otherwise known as Cake Alum.

Functionalities and uses

Sewage Treatment Plant using Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate

Sewage Treatment Plant

Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate

Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate has different functionalities across different industries. Some of its uses are highlighted below:

  • It is a good water treatment agent during falls and winters. The reason is that it can work even at a low temperature, unlike other water purification agents.
  • It is used in sewage treatment for disinfecting purposes and to deal with bad odors.
  • Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate cannot burn in fire. It is capable of forming blankets that prevent combustion when it is on fire. Therefore, it can be used as a firefighting substance.
  • The chemical is also useful in the animal skin tanning process.
  • It is useful as a mordant for dyeing textiles in the textile-making industry.
  • It is also useful in papermaking, wood preservation, and as a medical astringent.

Non-ferrous Aluminum Sulfate

Fire Extinguisher made with Non-Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate

Fire Extinguisher

Non-Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate has functions closely related to that of Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate. Meanwhile, there are cases where their functions are unique. The following are uses of Non-ferrous Aluminum Sulfate:

  • The chemical is used with sodium bicarbonate to form a blanket of carbon dioxide. When a foam stabilizer is then added, it creates layers of carbon dioxide capable of locking out oxygen in a situation. Due to this ability, it is used as a constituent of fire extinguishers.
  • It is used as a firming agent in the food industry, especially in starch processing.
  • It is used to eliminate bacteria in the animal feed-making process.
  • Medicinally, it is used to enhance immunogenicity vaccines especially for people with deficiency in their immunity.
  • It is a good flocculant and coagulant in water-making industries. It is used to remove metal elements in water bodies through sedimentation.
  • It can also serve as a mordant in textile-making industries.
  • It is used for adjusting the pH of the soil from acidic to more neutral pH.
  • It is very useful in the paper-making industry for making the finest papers.

Are the chemicals safe?

Both Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate and Non-Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate are non-toxic. They do not have an acute health effect on the person handling them. It also does not cause any form of irritation to the body. Meanwhile, the chemicals can be dangerous when they are released in large quantities to the environment. Hence, the chemicals must be properly handled and disposed of in line with the recommendations in the MSDS file.

How are both chemicals made?

Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate can be made through different processes. In the laboratory, it is prepared through the reaction of Aluminum Hydroxide and Sulphuric Acid. The result is the same when Aluminum metal is heated in Sulphuric Acid solution.

Non-Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate can simply be produced by de-ironing Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate. This process can be achieved through the use of permanganate on the Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate. The resolution extraction method can also be used to convert Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate into Non-ferrous Aluminum Sulfate.

Where to buy Ferrous and Non-ferrous Aluminum Sulfate in bulk?

You may be able to find Ferrous and Non-ferrous Aluminum Sulfate in small quantities in your area. But if you want to buy large quantities of Ferrous and Non-ferrous Aluminum Sulfate, it is preferable to import directly from the manufacturers. They can issue certifications and provide cost savings which are better than buying the chemical in small quantities locally or from a distributor.

If you require bulk quantities of this chemical, you can buy Ferrous and Non-ferrous Aluminum Sulfate on our website.

Which Countries Manufacture Ferrous and Non-ferrous Aluminum Sulfate in Bulk?

The main producers of Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate and Non-ferrous Aluminum Sulfate are China, the USA, the UK, and India. Consumption and usage of these chemicals have increased dramatically across the world, especially in developing countries.

How are the chemicals exported?

Aluminum Sulfate in 50 kg bags

Non-Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate in 50kg Bags

Ferrous Aluminum Sulfate and Non-ferrous Aluminum Sulfate are shipped in 25kg and 50kg PP/PE bags. They are usually shipped in 20ft containers or Iso Tanks over the designated country. The packaging and transportation methods are safe and ensure the quality of the chemicals are not tempered with.

Where to Buy Ferrous and Non-ferrous Aluminum Sulfate?

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