Lead Nitrate and its Uses

Overview of Lead Nitrate

Our client is a leading mining company with headquarters in Brazil. Our client reached out to Camachem because they wanted to manufacture explosives for use in mineral extraction. There were many reasons that led to this decision to be made by our client. At Camachem we were able to help our client solve obstacles including high costs and shipping issues while still ensuring our client with high quality chemicals of Lead Nitrate.

By choosing Camachem as their supplier, the mining company was able to get quality industrial chemicals at cost-efficient prices. In this case study we will discuss how Camachem was able to provide this for our client and how we were able to find the exact chemicals the client was looking for. We will share how we were able to successfully export the chemicals to the client’s country in Brazil.

Mining industry

Problems Faced in Lead Nitrate

High costs

The client previously purchased chemicals from an expensive local source. They contacted Camachem after realizing they could acquire the same chemicals at a lower cost and with higher quality.

Delivery issues

The client was looking for a straightforward way to import the chemicals. They wanted to buy the chemicals directly from the source, avoiding the use of middlemen in the process. This would save them time and money while also ensuring that they receive high-quality items.

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What is Lead Nitrate and how is it used?

  • Lead nitrate is the inorganic salt of nitric acid and lead. It's a powerful, stable oxidant in the form of a colorless crystal or white powder. It is soluble in water, unlike most other lead salts.
  • Lead nitrateis produced by reaction of lead oxide with concentrated nitric acid. It may also be obtained evaporation of the solution obtained by reacting metallic lead with dilute nitric acid.
  • Historically, lead nitrate has been employed in the production of matches and specific explosives like lead azide, as well as in mordants and pigments for dyeing and printing calico and other fabrics, and in the production of lead compounds in general. Recent uses include being a heat stabilizer in nylon and polyesters, photothermograpic paper coatings, and rodenticides.
  • Lead nitrate can also be used to enhance kinetics, to improve effectiveness in gold extraction, as a heat stabilizer in polyesters and nylon and as a medical astringent.

Lead Nitrate for sale

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How Camachem Achieved Results

Cost savings

Camachem was able to offer the chemicals to the Brazilian firm at a reasonable price, saving them up to 13% on their expenditures. The chemicals delivered were precisely what the customer wanted and they arrived on schedule.

Efficienct shipping

Camachem was able to solve the situation by successfully exporting the chemicals. We supplied the chemicals directly from the source, avoiding the need of middlemen and saving time.

Lead Nitrate for sale


Lead Nitrate is shipped in 25kg bags and in 1 ton jumbo bags.

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How Camachem Can Help

Our client wanted to purchase and import lead nitrate from a reliable supplier and Camachem was able to deliver the chemicals within the agreed time frame.

At Camachem, we have lead nitrate for sale. Please contact us (sales@camachem) or send a message on WhatsApp for a fast response +86-131-2037-9271.