Soda ash is a very popular chemical. Nonetheless, there are few things about the chemical you need to know. Here are 7 facts you need to know before buying the chemical.

1) What Is Soda Ash?

Soda ash is an inorganic chemical compound. Its chemical formula is Na2CO3. It's an odorless, white, and water-soluble salt that yields a moderately alkaline solution when it comes in contact with water.

Soda ash was once extracted from the ash of plants that grow in sodium-rich soils. The ashes of these plants were different from that of wood, hereby the name soda ash. It can also be produced from large quantities of limestone and sodium chloride through the Solvay process.

2) Other Chemical Names

Soda ash is also known as Sodium carbonate, soda crystals, and washing soda. Another chemical name for soda ash is sodium trioxicarbonate.

3) PH Level

The PH level of Soda Ash is 11.4. It can also be used in raising the pH level of water.

4) Chemical And Naturally Produced Soda Ash

Chemical-produced soda ash is made through the use of a chemical process using either the Hou or Solvay method, in which sodium chloride (salt) is reacted with calcium carbonate (limestone) and cooked coal in ammonia to produce Soda Ash. Chemically produced soda ash accounts for about 70% of the world's production, and Naturally produced soda ash is made through the extraction of trona ore that occurs naturally and then processes through a simple procedure of filtering, concentrating, crystallizing, and drying to get Soda Ash which can then be sold. This is responsible for about 30% of the world's production.

5) Common Uses In Glass Manufacturing

Soda ash is commonly used in the manufacturing of glass. It serves as a silica flux. It lowers the mixture's melting point to a point that's not achievable without the use of special materials. Soda ash is an essential component in glass, it helps in reducing the melting temperature of the primary ingredient used in manufacturing glass. It helps to cut down the use of energy and emission of CO2. The manufacturing of glass accounts for about 50% of the produced soda ash.

Soda ash is used in two glass types, flat and container glass. Container glass is used in holding beverages, food, and other types of concoctions and is usually recyclable, unlike plastic. Flat glass is used in solar panels, construction, and automotive industries.

6) Uses In Food

Soda ash is used for several purposes in cuisines due to its strong base which is stronger than baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) but is weaker than lye(which is also known as potassium hydroxide or sodium hydroxide).  The alkalinity of soda ash affects the production of gluten and improves its browning. Soda ash is also used as a kansui component, given the characteristic flavor and the chewy texture that Japanese ramen noodles possess. It's also used in Chinese cuisine to cook lamina.

Soda ash is also used as a food additive in the food industry. It can also be used as an anticaking agent, acidity regulator, stabilizer, and raising agent. It can be used to produce snus which can be used to stabilize the final product pH. It can also be used to improve the browning and texture of moon cakes. Central European and German cuisine also uses soda ash in treating lye rolls and pretzels to improve their browning.

7) Water Treatment

Soda ash is used in the removal of temporary and permanent water hardness. Hard water is made up of dissolved compounds such as magnesium or calcium compounds.

Soda ash is water soluble whilst calcium and magnesium carbonate are insoluble, sodium carbonate is used in softening by removing Ca²+ and Mg²+. The water then becomes dissolved due to the removal of the magnesium and calcium ions.

8) How Can You Buy Soda Ash

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