What is Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal?

Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal, also known as 3,3-Dimethoxyproprene, is an Industrial Chemical, composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

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Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal


What is Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal used for?

This chemical has a variety of industrial applications, including the following:

  • The most common application of acrolein Dimethyl Acetal is in chemical syntheses, such as the manufacture of 3-picoline.
  • It's used to make a variety of different chemicals, including cinnamaldehydes.
  • It is effectively utilized as a chemical intermediate.
  • This chemical is employed in the pharmaceutical industry to manufacture cosmetics products.
  • It's also used in items like coatings, lacquers, and surgical adhesives as a polymer.
  • It can be utilized to modify polystyrene and alkyd resins successfully.
  • Acrolein dimethyl acetal is also employed as a plasticizer in the manufacture of nitrocellulose and other types of polymers.


What is the Chemical Formula of Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal?

Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal has the molecular formula C5H10O2.  


Is Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal harmful to life?

Because Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal is a poisonous chemical, it is hazardous to human health. It can irritate the skin and eyes when it comes into contact with them, and it can be hazardous if consumed or inhaled. If inhaled inadvertently, it can cause substantial damage to the respiratory tract. As a result, it should be handled carefully and contact should be avoided wherever feasible.


Where is Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal found? What does Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal look like?

Acrolein dimethyl acetal is synthesized in industries by reacting acrolein with trimethyl orthoformate in an acidic environment to produce the equivalent Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal. The resulting Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal is neutralized with alkalis before being rectified to yield a polished acetal.

Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal is a clear, colorless liquid with a pungent odor.

Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal for sale at Camachem


Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal


What are the Hazardous effects of Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal?

The vapor of Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal (Dimethoxypropene) is highly flammable and can start a fire. The fire may emit irritating, corrosive, and toxic fumes, which can cause dizziness, suffocation, and pollution of the environment in the long run.


What are precautionary measures necessary to be taken to handle Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal?

To avoid any undesired situation, various precautionary measures must be considered while handling this chemical. Adequate industrial hygiene procedures and the use of protective equipment are essential at all times. Furthermore, storage of this chemical must be done in a dry, cool, and well-ventilated place.


What will happen if Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal is heated?

When exposed to air, acrolein Dimethyl Acetal is likely to generate unstable peroxidized compounds. It's extremely flammable, and heat, sparks, and flames can quickly ignite it. It decomposes when heated, emitting acidic fumes and smoke.


Is Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal soluble compound?

Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal has 0.854 g/mL density and is slightly soluble in water.


Where can I buy Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal?

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Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal for sale at Camachem

Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal Packaging


How much does Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal cost?

The price is usually affected by the cost of raw materials, logistics, and other industrial inputs. The estimated price per tonne is around $40,000.00.

Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal for sale at Camachem

Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal cost


What is the PH of Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal?

The compound is usually basic having Ph above 8 and can form salts with strong acids.


Is Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal an electrolyte compound?

Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal is not an electrolytic compound because it does not dissociate into cations and anions in solution.


Can Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal go down the drain?

This compound should not be released into the environment because it poses several health hazards including bio-accumulation. Therefore, Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal should not be dumped through the drains.


What is the difference between Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal and Calcium carbonate?

These two compounds have vastly different appearances, availability, and manufacturing processes. Acrolein Dimethyl Acetal is a clear, colorless liquid with partial water solubility, whereas calcium carbonate is a white substance that is insoluble in water. Similarly, how these two compounds are used differ.