What is Bromacil?

Bromacil is an organic chemical that can also be classified as a special-use chemical. The chemical is generally available commercially as an herbicide. It belongs to the group of substituted uracils compounds. They are known for their activeness in controlling weeds and brush control of non-crop lands.

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What is Bromacil used for?

Bromacil finds most of its application in the agricultural industry. Some of its functions are as follows:

  • It serves as a good chemical for pest control.
  • It is also usable for brush control in non-crop areas such as railroads, industrial yards, and electrical switching stations.
  • It is applicable for both selective and non-selective weed control in agriculture.
  • It is used for plant growth regulation and also for industrial vegetation management.
  • It is also commonly used as an herbicide in citrus orchards and for controlling broadleaf and grass weeds.


What is the chemical formula of Bromacil?

Bromacil is a chemical compound consisting of different elements. It is represented chemically as C9H13BrN2O2.


Is Bromacil harmful to life?

Bromacil is a toxic substance. It is harmful to both animal life and aquatic life. It can cause harm such as irritation to the skin, the eye, and the nose.


Where is Bromacil found, and what does it look like?

Bromacil is produced in the laboratory through the bromination of acetic acid. The reaction of isopropyl isocyanate, methyl-3 aminocrotonate, and sodium hydroxide will also yield Bromacil.

Bromacil is a colorless or white-colored chemical with a solid crystalline shape. It is an odorless chemical, and it is non-volatile. The chemical is slightly soluble in water.

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What are the hazardous effects of Bromacil?

Bromacil can have an acute effect on exposure to specific body parts. If the chemical is exposed to the eyes or the skin, it can result in irritation. Ingestion of this chemical is also dangerous as it is considered poisonous. Continuous or prolonged exposure to chemicals can also damage the body's organs. The chemical is also said to be capable of causing cancer.


What are the precautionary measures necessary to be taken to handle Bromacil?

Bromacil is a toxic substance that requires taking necessary precautionary measures before handling it. It would be best if you, therefore, observe the following precautionary measures:

  • Wear protective gloves, aprons, and shoes.
  • Wash hands and skin thoroughly immediately after handling the chemical.
  • Make use of eye googles to avoid exposure to the eye.
  • Do not eat, drink, or smoke while handling the chemical.
  • Avoid releasing chemicals into the environment as they may have a long-lasting effect on aquatic lives.


What will happen if Bromacil is heated?

When heated, Bromacil may release irritating gases and fumes into the atmosphere.


Is Bromacil a soluble compound?

Bromacil is slightly soluble in water.


Where can I buy Bromacil?

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How much does Bromacil cost?

The cost of Bromacil varies depending on the cost of production. The cost per Ton is $1,000. You can use the free quotation option to request an instant quotation on your desired quantity.


What is the pH value of Bromacil?

Bromacil has a pH value of between 8.0-9.0. It is a basic chemical.


Is Bromacil an electrolyte compound?

There is no information on whether Bromacil is an electrolyte compound.


Can Bromacil go down the drain?

Bromacil can go down the drain if disposed in small quantities. Otherwise, it is advisable to dispose of chemicals according to the local chemical disposal authority's regulations.