What is Pine Oil?

Pine Oil is an Industrial Chemical synthetic oil generated by combining terpene hydrocarbons with alcohols to form alcohols.

Pine Oil at Camachem for sale

Pine Oil


What is Pine Oil used for?

Pine Oil is widely used Industrial Chemical with multiple uses in different industries.

  • Pine, like other essential oils, has long been utilised in traditional medicine.
  • Pine Oils are also utilised in disinfectants and air fresheners, as well as in floor and furniture cleaners.
  • Pine Oils, like tea tree oil, are antibacterial. As a result, it's utilized in aromatherapy.
  • Pine Essential Oil, when used in aromatherapy, improves mood by relieving the mind of stress, invigorating the body to help remove weariness, increasing focus, and encouraging a happy attitude.
  • Pine Essential Oil is shown to relieve itching, inflammation, and dryness, control excessive sweating, minimize fungal infections, protect small abrasions from infection, reduce the occurrence of symptoms of ageing, and improve circulation when used externally.
  • When applied to the hair, Pine Essential Oil is said to cleanse, improve the natural smoothness and gloss of the hair, provide hydration, and guard against dandruff and lice.
  • Pine Oil is also effectively used in Massage Treatment for muscle soreness and pain.


Is Pine Oil harmful to life?

Pine Oil has a low level of human toxicity, a low level of corrosion, and a limited persistence.


Where is Pine Oil found? What does Pine Oil look like?

To get Pine Oil, pitch-soaked pine tree wood, primarily Pinus palustris but also other Pinaceae species, is subjected to steam distillation, solvent extraction followed by steam distillation. Pine Oil is a colourless to light amber liquid derived from pine trees with a distinct odour.

Pine Oil at Camachem for sale

Pine Oil


What are the hazardous effects of Pine Oil?

Pine Oil has been linked to breathing difficulties in some cases as it irritates the skin and mucous membrane. It may also cause depression if taken in larger doses.


What are the precautionary measures necessary to be taken to handle Pine Oil?

Pine essential oil can be applied topically, either directly or by massage. Before applying pine essential oil directly to your skin, dilute it with a carrier oil.


What will happen if Pine Oil is heated?

When heated and in contact with acids, Pine Oil has the tendency to disintegrate, resulting in a reduction in flotation outcomes.


Is Pine Oil soluble?

Pine Oil is insoluble in water.


Where can I buy Pine Oil?

Pine Oil is available for purchase online at Camachem. It comes in three different packaging options: Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) drum with 1000kg capacity/drum, steel drum with 170 kg weight capacity per drum, and Plastic drums with 185 kg weight capacity per drum. Camachem has been exporting Pine Oilto the rest of the world directly from China.

Pine Oil at Camachem for sale

Pine Oil


How much does Pine Oil cost?

The cost of raw materials used in the manufacturing process influences the price of Pine Oil. At Camachem, the estimated per-ton cost is $1,166.00.

Pine Oil at Camachem for sale

Pine Oil


What is the pH of Pine Oil?

The pH of Pine Oil ranges between pH5 and pH7.


Is Pine Oil an Electrolyte compound?

Pine Oil is insoluble in water and not an electrolytic compound.


Can Pine Oil go down the drain?

Since Pine Oil is not toxic to environment, it can go down the drain. However, necessary measures should be taken to dispose it off.


Is Pine Oil acidic or basic?

Pine Oil is basic in nature with pH lying from 5 to 7.


What is difference between Pine Oil and Turpentine Oil?

The resin of certain pine trees is used to make turpentine Oil. It's a type of medicine, whereas Pine Oil is often used in massage Oil mixes, household cleaning products, and air fresheners as a detoxifying element and natural disinfectant.