What is Sodium Metabisulfite 97% (SMBS)?

Sodium Metabisulfite (MBS, Sodium disulfite) is that the sodium salt of disulphurous (pyrosulfurous) acid. It's a Mining Chemical that can be found naturally or manufactured in labs.  It's also commonly added to varied food products and wines as a preservative.

Sodium Metabisulfite 97% (SMBS) at Camachem

Sodium Metabisulfite 97% (SMBS)


What is Sodium Metabisulfite 97% (SMBS) used for?

  • The primary applications of Sodium Metabisulfite are evident within the mining industry.
  • It is used to prevent pyrite and sphalerite mineral depression.
  • MBS is effective for pH regulation in the froth flotation process, where it may prevent pyrite depression.
  • Sodium Metabisulfite is also useful in avoiding sphalerite flotation due to copper activation and the presence of Tennantite/Covellite in the ore.
  • Sodium Metabisulfite is also used in the pulp and paper industries, as well as in the photography business.
  • SMBS serves as a preservative for photographic films. It also aids in the dichlorination of municipal beverage and textile water treatment.
  • Most importantly, when used to remove dissolved oxygen in wastewater, SMBS functions as an oxygen scavenger.
  • Sodium Metabisulfite is also widely used as a food preservative in the food packaging sector.
  • It also inhibits corrosion in the oil and gas sector by acting as bleach during the manufacturing of coconut milk.


What is the Chemical Formula of Sodium Metabisulfite 97% (SMBS)?

Sodium Metabisulfite 97% (SMBS) chemical formula is Na2S2O5.


Is Sodium Metabisulfite 97% (SMBS) harmful to life?

Sodium Metabisulfite 97% (SMBS) is safe to use in modest amounts for a number of applications. However, inhaling Sodium Metabisulfite is very dangerous. Precautions should be taken for your own safety. Inhalation may result in hazardous effects and severe skin and tissue damage.


Where is Sodium Metabisulfite 97% (SMBS) found? What does Sodium Metabisulfite 97% (SMBS) looks like?

Sodium Metabisulfite, a commercially manufactured salt of sulfuric acid, may also be employed as a preservative in meat products such as fresh sausages and burgers. The appearance of Sodium Metabisulfite is either white crystals or a powdered solid with a little sulfur odor.

Sodium Metabisulfite for sale at Camachem

Sodium Metabisulfite


What are the Hazardous effects of Sodium Metabisulfite?

Direct contact can irritate your skin and eyes.

Breathing Sodium Metabisulfite may cause irritation of the nose, throat, and lungs, resulting in coughing, wheezing, and/or shortness of breath.

Sodium Metabisulfite may be a dot corrosive material that can be harmful to life if contacted without proper precautions


What are precautionary measures necessary to be taken to handle Sodium Metabisulfite?

To avoid any unintended consequences, proper Sodium Metabisulfite handling and storage must be considered at all times.

Precautions for safe handling:

  • Wear necessary equipments to avoid coming into touch with your skin or your eyes.
  • Avoid the production of dust and aerosols
  • Provide enough exhaust ventilation in areas where dust is produced.
  • Storage conditions, including any incompatibilities:
  • Keep the container securely closed and in a dry, well-ventilated location.
  • Never allow the product to come into contact with water while it is being stored.
  • Keep away from acids and reactive chemicals

Sodium Metabisulfite for sale at Camachem

Safety storage and handling of Sodium Metabisulfite


What will happen if Sodium Metabisulfite is heated?

Salt Metabisulfite is noncombustible, but when heated, it may break down and produce hazardous oxide vapors of sulfur and sodium.


Is Sodium Metabisulfite 97% (SMBS) a soluble compound?

Sodium Metabisulfite bonds with water molecules, making it soluble in water. It forms a clear and colorless solution when mixing with water.


Where can I buy Sodium Metabisulfite 97% (SMBS)?

At Camachem, we have Sodium Metabisulfite available. It is available to be shipped per TON, which is a great value for your money. Camachem has been directly exporting Sodium Metabisulfite 97% (SMBS) from China to the rest of the world for over a decade.

Sodium Metabisulfite 97% (SMBS) for sale at Camachem

Sodium Metabisulfite 97% (SMBS) Packaging


How much does Sodium Metabisulfite 97% (SMBS) cost?

The price of Sodium Metabisulfite 97% (SMBS) is affected by the cost of raw materials used in the manufacturing process. The estimated cost per TON is $330.00.

Sodium Metabisulfite 97% (SMBS) for sale at Camachem

Sodium Metabisulfite 97% (SMBS) cost


What is PH of Sodium Metabisulfite 97% (SMBS)?

Sodium Metabisulfite Solution (SMBS) is made by dissolving solid sodium metabisulfite in water and has a pH of 4.6.


Is Sodium Metabisulfite 97% (SMBS) an Electrolyte compound?

Sodium metabisulfite is a component used in products used to treat dehydration and replenish electrolytes.


Can Sodium Metabisulfite 97% (SMBS) go down the drain?

Sodium Metabisulfite contaminated products are usually regarded as non-hazardous in waste assessments. However, safety regulations provided by local authorities must be followed while draining this chemical!


What is the difference between Sodium Metabisulfite 97% (SMBS) and Sodium Nitrate?

Sodium metabisulfite, sometimes known as sodium pyrosulfite, is a chemical with the formula Na2S2O5. The chemical is often referred to as disodium metabisulfite. It's a disinfectant, antioxidant, and preservative agent. On the other hand, Sodium Nitrate is the chemical compound with chemical with the formula NaNO3. As distinguish it from conventional saltpeter, this alkali metal nitrate salt is sometimes referred to as Chile saltpeter.