What is Calcium Chloride?

Calcium Chloride is an industrial chemical made up of the elements calcium and chlorine. It appears as a white crystalline powder. It is odorless and hygroscopic. Calcium Chloride is also known as calcium dichloride and its chemical formula is CaCl2. It comes in the form of Calcium Chloride 94%.

This chemical has many industrial uses but it is most popularly used in the water treatment industries.

Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride Uses

Calcium Chloride is an extremely useful chemical. It is an industrial chemical that is most commonly used in the water treatment industries. Its uses are:

  • Calcium Chloride 94% is used in the petroleum industry it is used in oil field drilling and to stabilise mud layer. It is also used as a lubricant to lubricate the drill. It is used in making the hole plug and fixing the oil well too.
  • In water treatment Calcium Chloride is very useful because calcium ions precipitate most anions and chloride ions precipitate cations. They can also oxidise ions and this helps purify wastewater.
  • The solution of Calcium Chloride is a very important refrigerant for refrigeration and ice making.
  • It is used for deicing and melting snow on roads, expressways, parking lots, and ports.
  • It is also used for removing and clearing fog and dust from roads etc.
  • It is used as a dryer for drying gases like nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur dioxide, and hydrogen chloride etc.
  • It is used as a dehydrating agent for making alcohol, ester, ether, and acrylic acid.
  • It helps solidify concrete by increasing its hardness and cold resistance ability of constructions.
  • It is used as a fireproof agent for textile and coal mines.
  • It is used as a protective and refining agent in aluminium magnesium metallurgy.
  • It is also used as a precipitator for making lake paint.
  • It is used as a raw material for the production of calcium salt.

Is Calcium Chloride Safe?

Calcium Chloride is generally considered safe because the chemical is non-toxic in small quantities. Exposure to this chemical can have acute health effects. According to the MSDS of Calcium Chloride, it may cause skin irritation. If ingested, it cab cause burns in the mouth and esophagus. It may cause gastrointestinal irritation or ulceration. Proper storage and disposal of Calcium Chloride needs to be taken into consideration in order to avoid any unwanted effects.

How is Calcium Chloride Made?

Industrially, Calcium Chloride is derived from limestone as a by product of the Solvay process. It is also obtained by purification from brine.

Calcium Chloride

Where to Buy Calcium Chloride in Bulk?

You may be able to find small quantities of Calcium Chloride in your area. However, in order to buy large quantities of Calcium Chloride, it is preferable to import directly from the manufacturers. They can issue certifications and provide cost savings which is better than buying the chemical in small quantities locally or from a distributor.

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Calcium Chloride

Which Countries Manufacture Calcium Chloride in Bulk?

The consumption of Calcium Chloride has increased dramatically across the world, especially in the developing countries. Therefore, its huge demand has led to a surge in companies that produce it. The main producers of Calcium Chloride are:

  • China  
  • United States of America
  • Sweden  
  • Belgium  
  • Canada

How is Calcium Chloride Exported?

Calcium Chloride is shipped in:

  • Plastic woven bags with 25 kg weight capacity per bag
  • Jumbo bags with 1 ton weight capacity per bag

Calcium Chloride ready to be shipped!

What is the Latest Calcium Chloride Price?

As Calcium Chloride is a commodity product, the price usually changes depending on the price of raw materials, logistics, and other related industrial inputs such as labor and taxes. In order to get the latest price of Calcium Chloride, please contact us and we will provide a quotation right up to your country.

Where to Buy Calcium Chloride?

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