Ferrocene Powder in a 25kg/bag Plastic Bag

Ferrocene 98%

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Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC)

Ferrochrome Lignosulfonate

Other Trading Names:

  • FerroLignin
  • ChromeSulfateLignosulfonate
  • LignoChrome
  • Ferrochrome LS
  • ChromeLignin
  • FerroSulfoLig
  • LignoFerrochrome
  • ChromeSulfonatedLignin
  • FerroLignoSol
  • ChromeLignoSulfonate
  • FerroSulfonLignin
  • LignoChromeFerro
  • FerroSulfateLigno

CAS Number: 8075-74-9

HS Code: 380400

Types of Packaging:

  • 25kg Polypropylene Bag
  • 40kg Polypropylene Bag
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Ferrochrome Lignosulfonate

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Chemical Name

Ferrochrome Lignosulfonate

Molecular Formula


CAS Number



Dark Brown / Brown Powder

Grade Standard

Industrial Grade

Lignin Content

52% Min

PH Value


Total Reducing Matter


Water Reducing Ratio


Water Insoluble Matter


Moisture Content


Inorganic Content




Chemical Description: 

  • Ferrochrome Lignosulfonate, derived from lignin through sulfonation, features a complex molecular structure incorporating ferrous chromium ions.
  • The compound exhibits water solubility, a characteristic common to lignosulfonates, making it versatile for aqueous applications.
  • The specific molecular formula and weight vary based on the degree of sulfonation and the composition of ferrochrome ions integrated into the lignosulfonate structure.
  • The sulfonation process introduces water-solubilizing groups, enhancing the compound's affinity for aqueous environments.
  • Ferrochrome Lignosulfonate may possess dispersant and binding properties, contributing to its potential use in various industrial applications.
  • Incorporating ferrous chromium ions introduces additional functionalities, potentially influencing the compound's color, stability, and interactions in different applications.
  • Potential applications include the construction industry, which could be utilized as a water-reducing agent and plasticizer in concrete admixtures.
  • In agriculture, it might serve as a dust suppressant, soil stabilizer, and water-retaining agent, contributing to improved soil conditions and plant growth.
  • The ceramics industry could leverage Ferrochrome Lignosulfonate as a binder and dispersant, aiding in the shaping of ceramic materials and ensuring homogeneity in suspensions.
  • Animal feed production might benefit from its use as a pellet binder, contributing to the formation and integrity of feed pellets.
  • Textile applications may involve Ferrochrome Lignosulfonate as a dispersant and dyeing assistant, facilitating even distribution of dyes on fibers for uniform coloration.
  • Industries dealing with dust control challenges, such as mining and unpaved roads, might employ Ferrochrome Lignosulfonate for effective dust suppression.
  • In the oil and gas sector, it could potentially serve as a fluid loss control additive in drilling fluids, contributing to drilling efficiency.
  • Water treatment processes might find utility in Ferrochrome Lignosulfonate due to its potential as a dispersant and scale inhibitor.
  • The paper industry may utilize it as a dispersant and binder in the production of paper and paperboard.
  • As with any chemical compound, safety considerations are crucial, and adherence to proper handling protocols is recommended to ensure safe application across industries.
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Ferrochrome Lignosulfonate