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Strontium Carbonate

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Other Trading Names:

  • SrCO3

Types of Packaging

  • Plastic woven bags with 25 kg weight capacity per bag.
  • Plastic woven bags with 50kg weight capacity per bag.
  • Plastic woven bags with 500kg weight capacity per bag
  • Plastic woven bags with 800kg weight capacity per bag
  • Plastic woven bags with 1000kg weight capacity per bag
  • Or based on demand

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Strontium Carbonate

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Item Value
Purity 96% - 99.9%
Melting Point 1497°C
Boiling Point Unknown
Density 3.7 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.)
Vapour Pressure Not Applicable
Viscosity Unavailable
Granulometry 0.74 ‐ 10 μm (powder

Strontium Carbonate is a white, powdered, tasteless, and odorless chemical. It occurs naturally in the mineral strontianite. Its chemical formula is represented as SrCO3. It is a non-hygroscopic strontium salt, unlike other strontium salts.

Chemical Appearance

Strontium Carbonate is white and powdery. It is tasteless and odorless. Practically, it is insoluble in water. However, its solubility is substantially increased if the water is saturated with carbon dioxide. It is found to be soluble in dilute acids.

Chemical Applications and Strengths

Strontium Carbonate is a very useful chemical compound and can be used in different ways industrially. Its main industrial applications include:

  • It is most commonly used as an inexpensive colorant in fireworks.
  • It is utilized to absorb electrons produced by the cathode in color television receivers (CTVs).
  • It is commonly used in the ceramics industry as an ingredient in glazes.
  • It is also used to make strontium ferrites, which are permanent magnets found in loudspeakers and door magnets.
  • It is used to make iridescent glass, luminous paint, strontium oxide, and strontium salts, as well as in sugar refinement for the manufacture of some medications.
  • It is used as the raw material of color picture tube glass bulbs.
  • It is used in the metallurgy of certain metallic oxides.
  • It is used for making some superconductors, like BSCCO.
  • As a weak Lewis base, it can be used to produce different strontium compounds by using the corresponding acid.

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Strontium Carbonate