Citric Acid Monohydrate 99%

Citric Acid Monohydrate 99%

Citric Acid Anhydrous 99%

CAS Number:

Other Trading Names:

  • Anhydrous Citro
  • Anhydrous citric acid

Type of Packaging :

  • 25kg composite paper plastic bag
  • 25kg 3-ply kraft paper bags
  • 500kg plastic woven bag
  • 1000kg woven jumbo bags

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Citric Acid Anhydrous 99%

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  Item  Unit  BP  USP  FCC  E 330  GB1886.235-2016
  Characters  /  White Crystalline Powders,Colorless Crystals or Granules.Odorless, has a strongly acid taste. 
  Identification  /  Pass Test
  Color & Clarity of Solution   /  Pass Test  Pass Test  /  /  /
  Assay   %  99.5~100.5  99.5~100.5  99.5~100.5  ≥99.5%  99.5~100.5
  Water  %  ≤1.0  ≤1.0  ≤0.5  ≤0.5  ≤0.5
  Readily Carbonisable Substances  /  Not Darker than Standard  Not Darker than Standard  A≤0.52,T≥30%  Not Darker than Standard  ≤1.0
  Sulphated Ash  %  ≤0.1  ≤0.1  ≤0.05  ≤0.05  ≤0.05
  Chloride  ppm  /  /  /  /  ≤50
  Sulphate  ppm  ≤150  ≤150  /  /  ≤100
  Oxalate  ppm  ≤360  ≤360  Pass Test  ≤100  ≤100
  Calcium  ppm  /  /  /  /  ≤200
  Arsenic  ppm  /  /  /  ≤1.0  ≤1.0
  Lead  ppm  /  /  ≤0.5  ≤0.5  ≤0.5
  Aluminum  ppm  ≤0.2  ≤0.2  /  /  /
  Mercury  ppm  /  /  /  ≤1  /
  Heavy Metals   ppm /  ≤10  /  /  /
  Bacterial Endotoxins  IU/mg  <0.5 Pass Test  /  /  /

Chemical appearance:
Anhydrous citric acid is presented in a white crystalline powder. It is also packaged in the form of colorless granules or crystals. The crystals have no odor but have a strong acid taste.

Chemical application and strengths:

  • Anhydrous citric acid has similar properties to citric acid monohydrate. The difference is the crystallization procedure. While the monohydrate citric acid is crystalized in cold water, the anhydrous forms are crystallized in water at a temperature of 78 degrees Celsius. In the process, it loses all the water within the crystals.

  • Citric acid anhydrous is one of the strong edible acids. Due to that property, it is a common food additive to enhance its flavor. It is also used for preservation of foods especially candies and soft drinks. In addition, it reacts with different metals to form citrate salts that are used as dietary supplements for people who lack minerals such as iron, sodium and magnesium.

  • Ice cream manufacturers use citric acid as an emulsifying agent. It prevents the crystallization of sucrose as well as the separation of fats under cold temperatures. Chefs also use it in place of fresh lemon juice in preparing various meals.

  • On the industrial scale, citric acid anhydrous is reacted with sodium bicarbonate to produce a number of products due to the resulting effervescent effect. First, it is used in the preparation of antacid powders and tablets. The effect is also used in the manufacture of personal care products such as bath salts and bath bombs.

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Citric Acid Anhydrous 99%