2-Ethyl Anthraquinone

Other Trading Names:

  • 2-Ethyl-9,10-anthracenedione
  • 2-Ethylanthracene-9,10-dione
  • Beta-Ethylanthraquinone

CAS Number: 84-51-5

HS Code: 29146100

Types of Packaging:

  • 25 Kg Net Craft Bags
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2-Ethyl Anthraquinone

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Chemical Name

2-Ethyl Anthraquinone

Cas Number



Yellowish Powder



Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight

236.27 g/mol

Melting Point

107°C to 111°C

Boiling Point

109.0 - 111.0℃

Flash Point

>210°C (410°F)

Water Solubility

Insoluble in Water


99% Min

Benzene Insoluble %



Stable under ordinary conditions

Chemical Description 

  • 2-Ethyl Anthraquinone is an organic compound and is a derivative of anthraquinone. Anthraquinones are aromatic organic compounds present in plants, fungi and lichens.
  • It is a yellow color powder with a high flash point of >210°C (410°F).
  • Its molecular formula is C16H12O2 and it is a building block for many dyes and pigments.
  • 2-Ethyl Anthraquinone is insoluble in water, stable under ordinary conditions, incompatible with oxidizing agents and can be stored at cool and dark places.
  • It is used in different industrial processes and most common use is the production of hydrogen peroxide.
  • This yellowish powder is used in pharmaceuticals, it has no direct usage in medicines. Its derivatives and analogs are used in medicines.
  • 2- Ethyl Anthraquinone is used in the manufacturing of dyes, which are used in the textile industry for dyeing of fabrics.
  • Due to its electrochemical properties, it can be used in electrochemical devices or as an electrode material.
  • Its chemical structure makes it perfect in research and development for the synthesis of new materials and compounds.
  • It's a highly safe product for wide range usages without any toxic effect, when used according to the given guidelines and instructions.
  • An amazing use of this organic product is in some of the photographic processes, where it acts as a photosensitizer.
  • It plays a role as a building block in the synthesis of different agrochemical products and complex molecules.
  • With a purity of 99% this chemical is available in 25 kg kraft bag packaging.
  • It is a non hazardous product for sea, road and air freights.
  • It is slightly soluble in benzene with an insolubility of ≤0.020%.
  • It's a dye intermediate but not recommended to use as a food additive by FDA or EFSA.
  • Its melting point is 107°C-111°C which makes it suitable to store and transport and ambient temperature.
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2-Ethyl Anthraquinone