Cement Usage in Brazil using Camachem Chemical

Cement Usage

The Brazilian Cement industry recorded a 2.3% growth in November with 5.359 million tons. According to SNIC, Brazil’s cement association, the decelerating growth was accompanied by market stabilization from the waning low base effect of Covid-19.

In comparison, the April growths rate was at 20.8%. Up till November of this year, exports had seen a 46.8% decline while domestic sales went up 6.8% year-on-year with 59.6 million tons.

In 11M21, exports grew from 244,000 tons in the11M20 to 386,000 tons, a 58.2% year-on year growth.

What’s the takeaway?

The cement sector is likely to have tight financial outcomes as high input costs and logistics continue to affect it.

The disappointing growth figure was unable to retrieve consumer confidence and reflects the severity of economic conditions.

The indebted consumer audience in the low income and high inflation situation prioritizes essentials over supporting the construction sector by renovating or building houses.

Expectations of continued business growth have again been undermined due to the economic conditions and monetary tightening of the Brazilian central bank.