1. Formula

The chemical formula for xanthates is expressed by the combination of alcohol, alkali, and carbon disulfide. For potassium amyl xanthate, the chemical formula is CH3(CH2)4OCS2K. However, sodium ethyl xanthate has its own chemical formula as CH3CH2OCS2Na. The difference in the chemical formula is as a result of alkyl and hydroxide that make up the compound.

2. Molar Mass

Potassium amyl xanthate and sodium ethyl xanthate both have different molar mass in g/mol. For SEX, the molar mass is 144.18g/mol while that of PAX is 202.3g/mol.

3. PH level

Both potassium amyl xanthate and sodium ethyl xanthate vary in their pH levels. PAX solution will have a pH level that is between 8.0 and 13.0. When stable, the pH value of PAX can be 10.0.

Sodium ethyl xanthate on the other hand has a pH value that ranges between 5.0 and 12.0. The chemical also hydrolysis at a pH less than 9.0.

4. Chemical Structure

Potassium amyl xanthate is formed by the combination of n-amyl alcohol, carbon disulfide, and potassium hydroxide. The chemical reaction is represented below:

CH3(CH2)4OH + CS2 + KOH → CH3(CH2)4OCS2K + H2O

It is pale yellow in color and has a pungent odor. The chemical is soluble in water and biodegradable.

Sodium ethyl xanthate on the other hand is an organosulfur compound formed by the combination of Sodium ethoxide and carbon disulfide. The chemical equation is represented as:


The chemical is a pale yellow substance and it is soluble in water. When in aqueous form, it is usually stable in high pH provided it is not heated. Moreso, it hydrolysis when the pH level is lower than 9.0. Generally, it is susceptible to decomposition in water and oxidation at low pH.

5. Density

Both potassium amyl xanthate and sodium ethyl xanthate have different densities in g/cm3. The estimated density of sodium ethyl xanthate is 1.263g/cm3. Potassium amyl xanthate on the other hand has an estimated density of 1.073g/cm3.

6. Price

The prices of Potassium amyl xanthate and Sodium ethyl xanthate varies with respect to their cost of production. However, as available on Camachem sales page, the cost of potassium amyl xanthate 90% is $1,690 per tonne. The cost of sodium ethyl xanthate 90% is $1,390 per tonne.

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