What is Amino-Dithiophosphate?

Amino-Dithiophosphate, also known as thiophosphoric acid with nitrogen, is an Industrial Chemical, used for multiple purposes.

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What is Amino-Dithiophosphate used for?

Following are the strength and application of Amino-Dithiophosphate:

  • Amino-Dithiophosphate is an excellent collector for non-ferrous sulfide minerals such as lead, silver, copper, activated zinc, etc.
  • It can be utilized in the pyrite flotation activation process.
  • In comparison to other dithiophosphates, it is a particularly potent collecting agent.
  • In the presence of iron and sphalerite sulfide, it is often used in the flotation of copper and lead minerals.
  • In the flotation process of silver and gold, amino-dithiophosphate can also improve the recovery ratio of these elements.
  • It is also very meticulous during the collection phase.
  • It is effectively utilized in the flotation process of inorganic sulfide, nickel, and nickel sulfide mineral products.


What is the Chemical Formula of Amino-Dithiophosphate?

Amino-Dithiophosphate has the molecular formula C14H20ClO3PS.


Is Amino-Dithiophosphate harmful to life?

Amino-Dithiophosphate can irritate and burn the skin and eyes if it comes into contact with them. Inhaling this chemical could also result in asphyxia. If you accidentally consume something, rinse your mouth with water and call poison control right away.


Where is Amino-Dithiophosphate found? What does Amino-Dithiophosphate look like?

Depending on the application, Amino-Dithiophosphate can be made from a variety of precursor chemicals in the industry. Fatty amines, for example, can be synthesized from C12-C18 hydrocarbons, which can be derived from a variety of fatty acids.

Amino-Dithiophosphate is a powder that is pale to yellowish, without a distinct odor.

Amino-Dithiophosphate for sale at Camachem



What are the Hazardous effects of Amino-Dithiophosphate?

Amino-Dithiophosphate is toxic to both humans and the environment. Dry chemical, carbon dioxide, or alcohol-resistant foam should be employed in the event of a fire or explosion. Above all, while dealing with this chemical, enough ventilation must be maintained and sources of ignition must be avoided.


What are precautionary measures necessary to be taken to handle Amino-Dithiophosphate? 

Amino-Dithiophosphate should only be stored and handled by a trained specialist to avoid any unwanted situations. At all times, proper workplace hygiene measures and the use of protective equipment, including chemical impermeable gloves, are required. Additionally, consumers should avoid spills or leaks of Amino-Dithiophosphate.


What will happen if Amino-Dithiophosphate is heated?

Amino-Dithiophosphate is heat sensitive and therefore has chances of explosion when heat is given.


Is Amino-Dithiophosphate soluble compound?

It can be dissolved in alcohol and alkali liquor, despite being insoluble in water.


Where can I buy Amino-Dithiophosphate?

Here at Camachem, Amino-Dithiophosphate is for sale. These chemicals can be supplied in Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) drums or steel drums of various sizes if you need a significant quantity. Camachem has been directly exporting Amino-Dithiophosphate or thiophosphoric acid containing nitrogen directly to customers all around the world.

Amino-Dithiophosphate for sale at Camachem 

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How much does Amino-Dithiophosphate cost?

The cost of raw materials, shipping, and other industrial inputs are generally a factor in the pricing. The cost of Amino-Dithiophosphate per tonne is around $1500.00.

Amino-Dithiophosphate for sale at Camachem

Amino-Dithiophosphate cost


What is the PH of Amino-Dithiophosphate?

The PH value of this chemical can be variable depending on its use even though it is an acid with Nitrogen.


Is Amino-Dithiophosphate an Electrolyte compound?

Although Amino-Dithiophosphate is not an electrolytic compound, it is rarely utilized as an anode in some applications.


Can Amino-Dithiophosphate go down the drain?

Releasing amino dithiophosphoric acid into the environment is severely discouraged which is why it should be reused as much as possible. Thus, draining this chemical is strictly prohibited. It should be sealed and disposed of according to the rules in the case of a leak or disposal.


What is the difference between Amino-Dithiophosphate and Dithiophosphate? 

Both of these chemicals are famous in mining industries. Amino-Dithiophosphate is utilized as a collector agent of various non-ferrous sulfide minerals, while Dithiophosphates are used as collectors in the flotation procedures for the extraction of precious metals. Similarly, how these two substances are used is different.