What are Frothers?

Frothers are mining chemicals majorly used in the floatation process. They are always made up of different elements. Common Frothers are Pine Oil, Methyl Isobutyl Carbinol, CC-321, and CC-903.

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Pine Oil.


What are Frothers used for?

Frothers are significant in the floatation processes responsible for the precious metal ores extraction. Frothers are also used to reduce surface tension in froth formation. They equally help stabilize foams and bubble size in hydrophobic particles and air bubbles. Other uses of each frother are as follows;

Pine Oil

  • It is used in the floatation process of elements like Iron, Copper, Sulphide, Zinc, and Lead.
  • It is efficient in power collection for minerals like molybdenite, graphite, coal, talc, and sulfur.

Methyl Isobutyl Carbinol

  • It serves as a solvent in organic synthesis.
  • It is used in gold ore processing.
  • It is used to extract oil used for the production of fragrances.
  • It is used in the production of lubricants. It also serves as a diluting agent for hydraulic fluid.


  • It is used in the extraction of non-ferrous metals like copper, lead, and Zinc.
  • It helps in raising the metal recovery ratio.


  • It serves as a floating agent for Zinc, lead, copper, non-sulfide ores, and sulfide ores.

Frothers for sale on Camachem.

Methyl Isobutyl Carbinol.


What is the chemical formula of Frothers?

Frothers are made from a combination of different elements. Hence, there is no specific chemical formula for Frothers.


Are Frothers harmful to life?

Frothers are toxic to human life. They can cause acute health issues if ingested or mishandled. These chemicals are capable of causing skin irritation, severe eye irritation, and nose irritation.


Where are Frothers found, and what do they look like?

Frothers are made from a combination of different elements. Pine Oil is made from a mixture of various monohydric alcohols and derivatives of a terpene. The reduction of methyl oxide in acetic acid will yield Methyl Isobutyl Carbinol. The mixture of mixed monohydric alcohols will give CC-321.

Pine Oil is a yellow color substance that is sparingly soluble in water. Methyl Isobutyl Carbinol is a plain color substance with an alcohol appearance. It also has an odor similar to alcohol.

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CC-321 pine replacement.


What are the hazardous effects of Frothers?

Frothers are dangerous to human life. The hazardous effect when ingested can be acute health issues. When exposed to the skin, it can cause slight skin irritation. When inhaled, it can cause nasal irritation. The effect, when exposed to the eyes, is severe eye irritation.


What are the precautionary measures necessary to be taken to handle Frothers?

To safely handle any Frother, you must take the following measures:

  • Keep substances away from heat or inflammation.
  • Do not breathe gas from the substance.
  • Do not ingest the chemical.
  • Wear suitable respiratory equipment while using the chemicals.
  • Wear protective aprons, gloves, and eyes cover while handling the chemicals.


What will happen when Frothers are heated?

Frothers are considered inflammable substances. Hence, you are expected to keep them away from heat and fire.


Are Frothers soluble?

While some Frothers are soluble in water, others are sparingly soluble in water. Pine oil is soluble in hot water but insoluble in cold water. Methyl Isobutyl Carbinol is sparingly soluble in water.


Where can I buy Frothers?

Frothers are available for sale in large quantities on Camachem. Pine Oil 39%-49% is available in 1000kg IBC drum, 170kg steel drum, and 185kg plastic drum. Methyl Isobutyl Carbinol is available in an 830kg IBC container and 165kg steel drum. CC-321 pine oil replacement and CC-903 are available in the same capacity as in Pine oil. Mind you, Camachem can ship chemicals to clients in different countries of the world.

Frothers for sale on Camachem.

Frothers in large quantities.


How much does Frothers cost?

The cost of Frothers varies depending on their cost of production. However, Pine oil is estimated as $1166 per Ton, Methyl Isobutyl Carbinol at $2280 per Ton, CC-321 at $1000 per Ton, and CC-903 at $1000 per Ton.


What is the pH of Frothers?

There is no available data on the pH value of the Frothers.


Are Frothers an electrolyte compound?

Frothers are not an electrolyte compounds.


Can Frothers go down the drain?

Frothers are toxic substances. Flushing down the drain can be dangerous. They should be disposed of with regard to the local hazardous waste disposal authority.


Are Frothers acidic or basic?

There is no specific information about the pH value of Frothers. Hence, it may not be easy to decide whether they are acidic or basic.