What is Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical compound with the formula H2O2. It is a very pale blue liquid that is slightly thicker than water in its purest state. It is used as an oxidizerbleaching agent, and antiseptic, usually as a diluted water solution  (3–6% by weight) for consumer usage and in higher concentrations for industrial use.

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Hydrogen Peroxide


What is Hydrogen Peroxide used for?

Hydrogen peroxide is generally used as an antibacterial and oxidizing agent. 

  • It is utilized as an over-the-counter antiseptic to clean and disinfect wounds.
  • In personal care products such as colorants and toothpaste, and mouthwashes, it is made use to offer a lightening and whitening effect.
  • It can be employed to remove stains, whiten old porcelain, disinfect kitchen counters and chopping boards, and deep-clean bathrooms at home.
  • It can also be used to wash fruits and vegetables (at very low concentration).


What is the chemical formula of Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is a reactive oxygen species and the simplest peroxide, a compound having an oxygen–oxygen single bond. Its chemical formula is H2O2.


Is Hydrogen Peroxide harmful to life?

Hydrogen peroxide is not intended to be drunk at all or to be used on the skin in significant amounts.  Ingestion of solutions of more than 20 percent can cause rapid loss of consciousness and respiratory paralysis. Chest pain and difficulty in breathing are the most common symptoms and if not treated and attended to immediately, can be fatal.


Where is Hydrogen Peroxide found? What does it look like?

Hydrogen peroxide consists of two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms. It is an industrial chemical usually found in oxidizer, bleaching and antiseptic agents. It is also found at very low concentrations in the environment. Photochemical reactions in the atmosphere around the earth produce gaseous hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide has a very light blue and sometimes colorless solution and has a slightly sharp odor.


What are the hazardous effects of Hydrogen Peroxide?

Recurrent or continuous unfacilitated or unprotected exposure to hydrogen peroxide may result in serious eye damage, skin and respiratory irritation.


What necessary precautions are needed to handle Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide should always be transported in diluted form and in polyethylene, stainless steel or aluminum containers. It should be kept away from wood, paper, oil or cotton (cellulose) and other organic matter such as alcohol, acetone and other ketones to avoid spontaneous ignition and explosions. Its storage must be adequately ventilated, and it should be kept away from direct heat sources and combustible materials. Hydrogen peroxide will not burn itself, however, its decomposition releases oxygen, which aids burning.

Hydrogen Peroxide for sale at Camachem

Proper handling of Hydrogen Peroxide


What will happen if Hydrogen Peroxide is heated?

When Hydrogen Peroxide is heated, it loses its stability and decomposes into oxygen and water. The oxygen released is an exothermic decomposition, which can create fire. When hydrogen peroxide is heated with flames, the exothermic release of oxygen can result in an explosion.


Is Hydrogen Peroxide soluble compound?

Hydrogen Peroxide is completely soluble in water, ether, and alcohol. However, it is insoluble in petroleum ether.  


Where can I buy Hydrogen Peroxide?

At Camachem, we have Hydrogen Peroxide 35% and 50% in stock and for sale. Both are available in different weight packaging: 25kg, 35kg, and IBC drum with 1200kg weight capacity per drum. We sell Hydrogen Peroxide to our clients worldwide in 20FT containers. Our company, Camachem, has been directly exporting hydrogen peroxide from China to the rest of the world for over a decade.


How much does Hydrogen Peroxide cost?

Prices are affected by the cost of raw materials used in the manufacturing process of Hydrogen Peroxide. However, our estimated price of Hydrogen Peroxide 35% is $380.00 per tonne and $600.00 per tonne for Hydrogen Peroxide 50%. Free quotation for bulk orders is available upon request.


What is the pH of Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide 35% and 50% are naturally (but weakly) acidic and have a pH of 3 - 6, depending on the concentration and temperature.


Is Hydrogen Peroxide an electrolyte compound?

Hydrogen peroxide has an electrical conductivity of its solutions being similar to that of water and is therefore considered a very weak electrolyte.


Can Hydrogen Peroxide go down the drain?

Hydrogen peroxide can pose hazards to human life and the environment. It has to be kept out of the sewer, drains, and natural waterways. However, if the hydrogen peroxide is less concentrated, it can be poured down the drain. For proper discarding, it should be diluted with water or mixed with 2.5 tsp of baking soda per liter to nullify the solution.


Is Hydrogen Peroxide acidic or basic?

Hydrogen peroxide, has a pH level that ranges usually from 3 to 6 , depending on the concentration and how it is produced. Therefore, it is a very weak acid that can form hydroperoxide or peroxide salts or derivatives of many metals.


What is Hydrogen Peroxide different from Isopropyl Alcohol?

Isoprophyl alcohol is a colorless, volatile liquid with a strong musty odor. It's a flammable, water-soluble liquid that's made from propylene by sulfuric acid and hydrolysis. While both are antibacterial and disinfecting, hydrogen peroxide is more effective at bleaching and brightening certain household items. It can be used to wash fruits and vegetables unlike isopropyl alcohol.