What is Iron Oxide?

Iron oxide is a chemical substance that is made up of inorganic elements. It is a chemical compound made composed of iron and oxygen that is very helpful. The oxidation of iron causes it. Fe2O3 is its chemical formula. It is known with other trading names: ferric oxide, hematite, ferric iron, red iron oxide, rust, rouge, iron sesquioxide, and rust.

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Iron Oxide


What is Iron Oxide used for?

Iron oxide is a highly efficient chemical product, and it has a wide range of commercial uses. Its significant uses and advantages are as follows:

  • Steel and iron industries utilize iron oxide as a feedstock to mass-produce iron, steel, and other alloys.
  • Rouge is a fine powder of iron oxide used to polish metal jewelry and eyeglasses. It is also used in cosmetics.
  • Iron oxide, like titanium oxide, is a pigment in dental composites.
  • It is utilized for recording—a standard magnetic compound used in storage and recording media such as disks and cassettes.
  • It is great for photocatalysis—anode for solar water oxidation.
  • Many medications include an iron oxide. Calamine lotion, used to relieve itching, contains mostly zinc oxide and iron oxide. It is an antipruritic active component.


What is the Chemical Formula of Iron Oxide?

 Iron Oxide is an industrial chemical which is also known as rust or rouge. Its chemical formula is Fe2O3.


Is Iron Oxide harmful to life?

Because the chemical is poisonous, iron oxide is usually regarded as hazardous. This chemical may cause serious health problems if you are exposed to it for an extended period of time. Iron Oxide may cause severe eye and skin irritation if it is absorbed through the skin. It may induce respiratory tract irritation if eaten or breathed. To prevent any unfavorable consequences, proper storage and disposal of Iron Oxide must be considered.


Where is Iron Oxide found? What does Iron Oxide look like?

Iron oxide is a chemical compound composed of the elements iron and oxygen. It seems to be a solid red-brown color. It is mainly available in powdered form. Iron Oxide is created by the oxidation of iron in the body. It is found naturally all over the earth but can be industrially produced using the Penniman Red.

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What are the hazardous effects of Iron Oxide?

Recurrent or continuous unfacilitated or unprotected exposure to Iron Oxide may result to discoloration of the eyes, causing permanent ‘iron’ staining. Exposure to iron oxide fume or dust can cause pneumoconiosis.


What precautionary measures should be in handling Iron Oxide?

 Iron Oxide can pose a danger to humans; hence, it must be stored in a firmly sealed container in a dry, well-ventilated environment. Adding precautions must be observed when handling this chemical, such as safe industrial hygiene standards and wearing proper personal protective equipment. In disposing of this chemical, ensure to dispose of the contents/container in an approved waste disposal plant.

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Proper handling of Iron Oxide


What will happen if Iron Oxide is heated?

Heating iron oxide with carbon monoxide gas, solid iron forms, and carbon dioxide gas is released. The iron created melts as a result of the reaction's heat. Because iron (III) oxide loses oxygen to produce iron in this process, it is decreased. Carbon is oxidized when it absorbs oxygen and forms carbon dioxide.


Is Iron Oxide soluble compound?

Iron Oxide appears as a reddish-brown solid and is mainly available in powdered form. It's an odorless substance. It is soluble in strong acid but water-insoluble.


Where can I buy Iron Oxide?

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How much does Iron Oxide cost?

Iron Oxide is a commodity, and its prices are affected by the cost of raw materials used in the manufacturing process of Iron Oxide. However, our estimated price of Iron Oxide is $100.00 per tonne. Free quotation for bulk orders is available upon request.

Iron Oxide for sale at Camachem

Iron Oxide Cost


What is pH of Iron Oxide?

 Iron Oxide has a variable pH range 5.5 to 8.2, with 6.5 being the optimum level.


Is Iron Oxide an Electrolyte compound?

 Iron Oxide is soluble in strong acids and contains an oxygen component which makes it an electrolyte compound.


Can Iron Oxide go down the drain?

Iron Oxide in large quantities can pose hazards to human life and the environment. It has to be kept out of the sewer, drains, and natural waterways. For proper discarding, it should be disposed of by thermal treatment or incineration at approved facilities.


Is Iron Oxide Acidic or Basic?

Iron oxides are substances made up mostly of iron and oxygen. Ferric oxides' surface FeOH sites are amphoteric, meaning they form interfacial acid-base complexes with acids or bases.


What is Iron Oxide different from Iron (II) Oxide or Ferrous Oxide?

Ferrous oxides are present in both of these compounds. The inorganic compound FeO, also known as iron (II) oxide or ferrous oxide, is a black-colored powder of numerous iron oxides often mistaken for rust. It is made up of hydrated iron (III) oxide (ferric oxide). It is utilized as a colorant and FDA-approved for use in cosmetics, and certain tattoo inks include it. It may also be used to eliminate phosphate from home aquariums.