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Hydrate and Anhydrate Copper Sulfate

Identifying the difference between a Hydrate chemical and an Anhydrate chemical is important. It allows you to decide on what form of the chemical is best to buy. Understanding this will allow you to properly manage your chemical and also to store it appropriately. This piece explores the difference between anhydrate and hydrate substances.

What is an Anhydrate chemical?

The word 'Anhydrate' refers to a lack of water. It is used for a chemical or compound that does not contain any water molecule in it. Anhydrate compounds are obtained using various methods depending on the type of chemical. In most cases, water molecules are not the only difference between anhydrate and hydrate substances. There may also be a difference in color and some other physical property.

In the case of ammonia, anhydrate ammonia is the gaseous form of the chemical. It is the gaseous ammonia that has its hydrate form as an aqueous solution. The gaseous ammonia does not have water molecules in it and that allows it to be called an anhydrate chemical.

Not all chemical reactions can make use of a hydrate chemical. The reason is that water molecules at times may alter the chemical process and its results. As such, to get an accurate result, there may be a need to make use of chemicals without any water molecules. For instance, the Grignard reaction will have different results when used with an anhydrate chemical and when used with a hydrate chemical. The difference seen is a result of the water molecule present in the hydrate chemical.

Prominent examples of anhydrate chemicals are Sodium Sulfate, Calcium Chloride, and Chromium (III) Chloride.

What is a Hydrate Chemical?

Hydrate chemicals on the other hand are chemicals that contain water molecule(s). That is, such a chemical has water as one of its constituents. Hydrate is the general name used to refer to hydrate compounds.

Waters in hydrates are known as the water of crystallization. These waters are responsible for the crystallization of the chemical into a solid crystal shape. The anhydrate form of such chemical can be seen in powdered form or liquid form when the water of crystallization is absent. Water present in hydrates appears in molecules of H2O.

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Ferrous Sulfate, One Example of Hydrate Chemical

Both organic and inorganic compounds can appear as a hydrate. Inorganic compounds may naturally contain water molecules in their crystal structure at a definite ratio. In some cases, some chemicals are hygroscopic in nature. That is, they have the ability to absorb water from the atmosphere which is a reversible process in most cases. Organic hydrates can be formed by the process of adding water to organic compounds.

Prominent examples of hydrate chemicals are Copper Sulfate, Barium Chloride, Ferrous Sulfate, and Calcium Sulfate.

What are the Differences between Anhydrate and Hydrate Chemicals?


The anhydrate chemical does not contain any water molecule. They are mostly found in pellets or powdered form which is void of water of crystallization. Meanwhile, hydrate chemicals contain water molecules. The water molecules are responsible for their crystalline structure in most cases.


Anhydrate chemical compounds are also called anhydrates while hydrate compounds are called hydrates.


An anhydrate chemical that is hygroscopic can become hydrate by absorbing water from the atmosphere. Likewise, when heated, a hydrate compound can release water into the air and become an anhydrate chemical. Meanwhile, heating an anhydrate chemical does not make it a hydrate chemical.

Functionalities and Uses

Silica gel made with Anhydrate Chemical

Silica gel made with Anhydrate Chemical


The anhydrate chemical has special functionalities such as the ability to absorb water. Therefore, some of such chemicals can serve special functions industrially. Special usage of anhydrate chemicals include:

  • They can act as drying agents capable of keeping other products by absorbing moisture. A good example of this is Silica gel used in keeping bags, shoes, and other leather material from moisture.
  • Tobacco companies use some of these chemicals to keep molds away from tobacco products.
  • The food industry also uses anhydrates to trap moisture and keep mold away from food products.
  • In chemical reactions, using anhydrates can aid getting a perfect result than using a hydrate.
  • Grignard reaction which is used for the formation of carbon-carbon bonds requires the absence of water. As such, an anhydrate chemical must be used to get the desired result.


Hydrate chemicals can also serve special functions. Some of their functionalities and uses are highlighted below:

  • Efflorescent hydrates are used to release water into the atmosphere.
  • Hydrates like Gypsum are used in cement production, wallboard making, and Plaster of Paris (POP) making.
  • Hydrates are used in cosmetic industries in the making of skin care products to enhance skin hydration.
  • Epsom salt is a good natural exfoliant to ease stress and muscle soreness.
  • Natural Borax is used as a domestic cleaning agent and chemical laboratory buffer. It is also used in the production of glass, ceramics, and skincare products.

Where to Buy Anhydrate and Hydrate Chemicals in Bulk?

You may be able to find anhydrate and hydrate chemicals in small quantities in your area. But if you want to buy large quantities of anhydrate and hydrate chemicals, it is preferable to import directly from the manufacturers. They can issue certifications and provide cost savings which are better than buying the chemical in small quantities locally or from a distributor.

If you require bulk quantities of these chemicals, you can buy anhydrate and hydrate chemicals on our website.

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How are the Chemicals Exported?

Anhydrate and hydrate chemicals must be exported in a situation favorable to the chemical form. They are also kept in an environment favorable to their physical form. They are exported using various packages such as plastic drums, PPE drums, paper bags, woven bags, and some other means. Most importantly, we ensure the package is suitable to export such chemicals without losing their physical form.

Where to Buy Anhydrate and Hydrate Chemicals

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