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Overview of the Sulfonic Acid Export

Camachem is an international supplier of industrial and special-use chemicals. A few years ago, the exporting roots were established in the Nigerian markets. The company recently completed Sulfonic Acid export to the Soap Industry clients of Nigeria.

Being an industrial-level supplier, Camachem can negotiate better prices with suppliers. For this particular chemical, the clients managed to get Sulfonic Acid for 14% less than the regular market price.

The Sulfonic Acid quality is ensured to meet international and/or local standards of the soap industry. This especially aids the Nigerian Soap industry, which is continually growing through expansion.

Sulfonic Acid from Camachem

Sulfonic Acid from Camachem

Sulfonic Acid in Soap Industry

Sulfonic acid is the common reference to Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonic Acid (LABSA). The industrial chemical is synthetically produced through the sulphonation of Sulfur Trioxide and Alkyl Benzene.

Its applications span different industries, including pharmaceuticals, papermaking, detergents, and soaps.

Here’s what makes sulfonic acid crucial in the soap industry:

  • Cheap Surfactant

Sulfonic acid is a low-volume synthetic surfactant. It is among the cheapest surfactants in the cleaning industry.

  • Soap and Detergents Manufacturing

It is used in manufacturing soap and detergents to act as the tension breaker between water and stains of dirt, grease, etc. This includes washing powders, detergent cakes, oil soap, liquid soap and detergent, cleaning powders, etc.

  • Neutralizing Caustic Soda

Sulfonic acid acts as the foaming agent in liquid detergents where it neutralizes the basic effect of Caustic Soda (Sodium Hydroxide).

  • Non-Hazardous

Sulfonic acid is a typical anionic surfactant. It is non-hazardous to humans with short-term exposure; extended exposure may cause skin irritation. It is also safe for the environment.

The Problems faced with Sulfonic Acid

The soap industry is an asset to the Nigerian industrial sector and is successfully traversing towards growth. Therefore, Sulfonic Acid, a key chemical in the production of several products in the Nigerian soap industry, has an enormous demand.

The industry must have continuous and quick access to the chemical. However, exporting sulfonic acid can be quite difficult for suppliers, despite the huge demand. Here’s why:

  • Chemical Import Regulations

Chemicals imported from international suppliers in Nigeria must adhere to strict import regulations.

  • Lack of Infrastructure

The lack of standard storage facilities and transportation plays a part in discouraging clients and chemical suppliers from doing business in the country.

  • Local Business Environment

Business in Nigeria is hindered by the unease of doing business. Several complicated administrative procedures, ambiguous regulations affecting different industries, and lack of accountability make business difficult for both the Nigerian people and international companies.

How Camachem Achieved Results?

Being an international supplier of industrial chemicals, often in bulk, Camachem is experienced at handling different regulations and conditions of doing business.

Over the years, Camachem has adapted to doing business in Nigeria. Here’s how Camachem ensures successful delivery of Chemicals to our satisfied Nigerian clients:

  • Collaboration with Local Partners

Camachem deals with the infrastructural obstacles by collaborating with tried and trusted local partners. This ensures a smooth and safe supply of products to our clients.

  • Experience and Expertise

Having a long-established clientele in Nigeria, Camachem is up to date and experienced with the challenges of business conditions in Nigeria. Camachem makes sure to provide the utmost convenience to its clients.

How can Camachem help you?

Camachem is well acquainted with the Soap industry of Nigeria. The company is experienced and knows everything required to supply Sulfonic acid to that industry.

Sulfonic Acid from Camachem

Sulfonic Acid Shipment from Camachem

Camachem sells Sulfonic Acid in the following packagings:          

  • 215 kg Plastic Drum.
  • 1100 kg IBC Drum.

Camachem is an international supplier of Sulfonic Acid. So, contact us now for a FREE quote via email: [email protected] or WhatsApp us at +86-131-2037-9271 for an immediate response.