What is Iron Oxide?

Iron Oxide is an industrial chemical made up of the elements iron and oxygen. It has the appearance of a red brown solid. It mostly comes in the powdered form. It is an odorless compound and is soluble in water. Iron Oxide is also known as Ferric Oxide and its chemical formula is Fe2O3.

This chemical has many industrial uses but it is most popularly used in the iron and steel industries.

Iron Oxide

Iron Oxide Uses

Iron Oxide is an extremely useful chemical. It is an industrial chemical that is most commonly used in the iron and steel industries. Its uses are:

  • Iron Oxide is most popularly used as feedstock in the iron and steel industries for the mass production of iron, steel, and other alloys.
  • The fine powder of iron oxide is known as rouge and it is used to polish metallic jewellery and lenses. It is also used as a cosmetic.
  • Rouge cuts more slowly than modern polishes but it is still widely used because it gives a superior finish.
  • It is quite extensively used as a pigment. It is approved for use in cosmetics.
  • Iron oxide is used as a pigment in dental composites along with titanium oxide.
  • Hematite is the essential component of the Swedish paint colour Falu red.
  • It is used for magnetic recording. It is a common magnetic compound which is used in magnetic storage and recording media such as magnetic disks and magnetic tapes.
  • It is very useful in photocatalysis. It is used as a photo anode for solar water oxidation.
  • Iron Oxide is used in many medicines too. Calamine lotion which is used to treat itchiness is composed mainly of a combination of zinc oxide and iron oxide. It is an active ingredient in this and acts as antipruritic.

Is Iron Oxide Safe?

Iron Oxide is generally considered unsafe because the chemical is toxic. Exposure to this chemical can have acute health effects. According to the MSDS of Iron Oxide, it may cause serious eye irritation. It may he harmful if absorbed through the skin and can cause skin irritation. It can be harmful if swallowed or inhaled and may cause respiratory tract irritation. Proper storage and disposal of Iron Oxide needs to be taken into consideration in order to avoid any unwanted effects.

Iron Oxide 

How is Iron Oxide Made?

Industrially, Iron Oxide is made by the oxidation of iron. It is also produced by the Penniman Red process.

Where to Buy Iron Oxide in Bulk?

You may be able to find small quantities of Iron Oxide in your area. However, in order to buy large quantities of Iron Oxide, it is preferable to import directly from the manufacturers. They can issue certifications and provide cost savings which is better than buying the chemical in small quantities locally or from a distributor.

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Iron Oxide

Which Countries Manufacture Iron Oxide in Bulk?

The consumption of Iron Oxide has increased dramatically across the world, especially in the developing countries. Therefore, its huge demand has led to a surge in companies that produce it. The main producers of Iron Oxide are:

  • China
  • Japan
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Kingdom
  • India

How is Iron Oxide Exported?

Iron Oxide is shipped in:

  • 20 kg weight capacity per bag
  • 25 kg weight capacity per bag

Iron Oxide ready to be shipped!

What is the Latest Iron Oxide Price?

As Iron Oxide is a commodity product, the price usually changes depending on the price of raw materials, logistics, and other related industrial inputs such as labor and taxes. In order to get the latest price of Iron Oxide, please contact us and we will provide a quotation right up to your country.

Where to Buy Iron Oxide?

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