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Formic Acid 85%


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Item Value
Purity 99%
Melting Point 270 - 273°C
Boiling Point 186°C
Density 1.340 g/cm3
Vapour Pressure Unavailable
Viscosity Not applicable
pH 5.6 - 6.1
Molecular Weight 149.21 g/mol
Solubility 2.9 g/L
pKa 2.28(carboxyl), 9.21 (amino)

DL-Methionine is an essential amino acid in humans. It is a sulfur-containing organic compound. It is encoded by the codon AUG. Its chemical formula is represented as C5H11NO2S. The chemical exhibits phase behavior, it changes from solid to liquid and gas. It cannot be synthesized in the body and must be obtained by consuming methionine-containing proteins.

Chemical Appearance

DL-Methionine is a powdered solid that is white in color. It has a faint odor to it. The substance is water soluble. It decomposes after melting; however, it is relatively stable under normal conditions. It's non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.

Chemical Applications and Strengths

DL-Methionine is a very beneficial amino acid that is categorized as an essential amino acid for humans. The following are some of its most common applications and uses:

  • It is used as a substrate for other amino acids such as cysteine and taurine.
  • It is also a base for the important antioxidant called glutathione.
  • It plays a critical role in metabolism in humans.
  • It is an important part of angiogenesis, the growth of new blood vessels.
  • It can be given as a supplement for patients suffering from copper poisoning.
  • It is used to prevent liver damage in acetaminophen poisoning.
  • It is used for increasing urine acidity.
  • It is used to treat liver diseases.
  • It helps to speed up the healing process of wounds.
  • It is effective in the treatment of depression and schizophrenia.
  • It is used in treating allergies.
  • It is useful in treating radiation side effects.
  • It improves skin tone and elasticity.
  • It promotes healthy hair.
  • It helps strengthen nails.
  • Diets rich in methionine help to reduce the risk of colon cancer and breast cancer.
  • Women who consumed more of it during pregnancy are less likely to have neural tube birth abnormalities.
  • It has been found useful in treating Parkinson’s disease.

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