Iminodiacetonitrile (IDAN)

Other Trading Names:

  • IDAN,
  • IDAN-100
  • Cyasorb UV-24

CAS Number: 628-87-5

HS Code: 2926909090

Types of Packaging:

  • 1 KG/ Bag
  • 10 KG/ Container
  • 25 KG/ PP Woven Bag
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Iminodiacetonitrile (IDAN)

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Chemical Name

Iminodiacetonitrile (IDAN)


≥ 95%


Crystalline powder

Melting point

69-71 °C (lit.)

Molecular formula (MF)


Boiling point




Refractive index


Acidity coefficient (pKa)


Chemical Description

  • Iminodiacetonitrile, with the chemical formula C4H5N3, is pivotal in various industrial chemical syntheses, highlighting its multifaceted importance across different sectors.
  • Its versatility extends beyond traditional applications, emerging in pharmaceuticals, polymer science, and catalysis.
  • In pharmaceuticals, it's a key building block for synthesizing biologically active compounds, aiding the development of new drugs.
  • Polymer scientists use its unique structure to enhance polymer performance in applications from packaging materials to biomedical implants.
  • Iminodiacetonitrile-based catalysts show exceptional activity and selectivity in various chemical reactions, enhancing industrial processes' efficiency.
  • Recognized for potential applications in materials science and nanotechnology, it forms stable complexes with metal ions, promising novel materials with enhanced properties.
  • Researchers explore its use as a precursor for functional nanoparticles, opening avenues for advanced materials and devices.
  • As the demand for sustainable solutions grows, Iminodiacetonitrile plays a central role in transitioning to greener chemistry.
  • Its compatibility with green chemistry principles makes it attractive for environmentally benign processes.
  • Ongoing research focuses on improving synthetic routes and production methods to reduce waste generation and energy consumption.
  • Iminodiacetonitrile's significance spans industries and scientific disciplines, driven by its versatile properties and applications.
  • As technology advances, its importance in shaping chemistry and materials science is expected to grow further.
  • In addition to its roles in pharmaceuticals, polymer science, catalysis, and materials science, Iminodiacetonitrile also finds application in agriculture.
  • It serves as a precursor for herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides, aiding in crop protection and improving agricultural productivity.
  • This further underscores its importance in addressing global challenges related to food security and sustainability.
  • Iminodiacetonitrile exhibits chelating properties, forming stable complexes with metal ions. This characteristic is utilized in various analytical techniques such as chromatography and spectroscopy, where these complexes are employed as chelating agents for metal ion detection and separation. This highlights its significance in analytical chemistry and quality control processes across industries.
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Iminodiacetonitrile (IDAN)