Trading Names:

  • l valine

CAS Number: 72-18-4

HS Code: 292249

Types of Packaging:

  • 25kg Bag
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Chemical Name




Molecular Formula


CAS Number



White powder

Grade Standard

Food Grade


Soluble in water

Melting Point

295-300 °ºC

Boiling Point

213.6±23.0  ºC



Chemical Description

  • L-Valine, a branched-chain essential amino acid, has a crucial role in various biological processes. Being one of the three branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), along with leucine and isoleucine, it is significant for muscle metabolism, growth and repair, and maintaining nitrogen balance in the body. This makes it highly valued in the field of sports nutrition and bodybuilding, as well as in promoting overall health and wellness.
  • In the pharmaceutical sector, L-Valine is utilized in the formulation of drugs and supplements that aim to support muscle growth, recovery, and metabolic health. It is particularly important for patients undergoing recovery from surgery or trauma and those with metabolic and muscle-wasting conditions.
  • In the nutraceutical industry, L-Valine is a key ingredient in dietary supplements aimed at enhancing physical performance, endurance, and muscle health. It supports the body's energy needs during stress and exercise, promoting muscle recovery and preventing muscle breakdown.
  • For animal health and nutrition, L-Valine is an essential component of high-performance animal feed, contributing to the growth, repair, and well-being of livestock and pets. It supports optimal growth rates in young animals and improves the overall productivity and health of livestock.
  • L-Valine's role in immune function cannot be overstated. It supports the immune system through its influence on the production of antibodies and by acting as a fuel source for immune cells, thus enhancing the body's ability to fight off infections and diseases.
  • In addition to its primary functions, L-Valine is involved in various biochemical processes, including the synthesis of other amino acids and involvement in the regulation of blood sugar levels. Its versatility and essential nature make it a critical ingredient in a wide range of health-related products.
  • Given its importance in nutrition, health, and wellness, the demand for high-quality L-Valine continues to grow. Products containing L-Valine are subject to strict quality control standards to ensure they meet the high expectations for efficacy and safety in human and animal health applications.
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