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Manganese Carbonate

Other Trading Names:

  • Manganous Carbonate
  • Manganese(II) Carbonate
  • MnCO3
  • Manganosite
  • Manganese Monocarbonate
  • Manganous Carbonic Acid
  • Manganite Carbonate
  • Manganosite Carbonate

CAS Number: 598-62-9

HS Code: 28369990

Types of Packaging:

  • 25kg Polypropylene Bag
  • 25kg Fiber Drum
  • 1000kg Polypropylene Bag
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Manganese Carbonate

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Chemical Name

Manganese Carbonate

Molecular Formula


CAS Number



Light Brown to Violet, Odorless Powder

Grade Standard

Industrial Grade


Dilute Aqueous Acid: Very Slightly Soluble In Water

Melting Point



3.12 g/mL at 25 °C



Chemical Description: 

  • Manganese Carbonate, denoted by the chemical formula MnCO3, is a chemical compound that incorporates manganese, carbon, and oxygen.
  • This compound is a solid with a white to pale pink hue, and its structure typically forms rhombohedral crystals.
  • In its natural state, manganese carbonate occurs as a mineral known as rhodochrosite, exhibiting a characteristic rose-pink color.
  • Manganese Carbonate can be synthesized through chemical processes, including the reaction between manganese sulfate and sodium carbonate.
  • The compound is sensitive to air and tends to undergo oxidation when exposed to atmospheric oxygen, resulting in the formation of manganese oxides.
  • One of the notable uses of Manganese Carbonate is as a precursor in the production of manganese oxide, which has applications in the manufacture of dry-cell batteries and ceramics.
  • In agriculture, Manganese Carbonate serves as a manganese fertilizer when soil conditions require additional manganese for optimal plant growth.
  • It is employed in the glass industry to impart pink and violet colors to glass, contributing to the aesthetic appeal of certain glass products.
  • Manganese Carbonate is a source of manganese in the production of specialty chemicals and catalysts.
  • In the realm of health, manganese is an essential trace element for humans and animals, and Manganese Carbonate can be used as a dietary supplement to address manganese deficiencies.
  • The compound's role in animal nutrition extends to its presence in certain feed additives formulated to meet the manganese requirements of livestock.
  • Manganese Carbonate finds application in the production of pigments, imparting a range of colors to ceramics and paints.
  • In the metallurgical industry, it is used as a precursor for producing manganese metal and other manganese compounds.
  • Manganese Carbonate serves as a key ingredient in the formulation of fertilizers designed to enrich the manganese content of soils.
  • Its use in the production of specialty chemicals contributes to the development of products in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.
  • The compound's properties make it a valuable component in diverse industrial processes, ranging from metallurgy to agriculture, demonstrating its versatility and significance in various sectors.
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Manganese Carbonate