Potassium Hydroxide (KOH)

Other Trading Names:

  • Caustic Potash
  • Potash Lye

CAS Number: 1310-58-3

HS Code: 2815200000

Types of Packaging:

  • 25kg plastic bags
  • 200 liter plastic drums
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Potassium Hydroxide (KOH)

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White flakes



Standard Value (%)


Melting point

406 C

Chemical Description

  • Potassium Hydroxide is mainly used in the electroplating and lithography industries.
  • The product is used as a raw material for potassium salt production.
  • In the pharmaceutical industry, potassium hydroxide is used to produce potassium borohydride, spironolactone, and testosterone propionate.
  • Potassium Hydroxide is also used to produce potassium soap, alkaline storage batteries and cosmetics
  • In the dye industry, Potassium hydroxide is used to produce vat dyes.
  • In the textile industry, Potassium hydroxide is used for printing and dyeing.
  • The product also serves as a heating agent and leather degreasing.
  • The product is regarded as being moderately toxic to aquatic organisms as it elevates pH levels in water causing the water to become more alkaline.
  • Potassium Hydroxide is highly corrosive to organic materials and human tissue, posing serious health risks upon direct contact.
  • When dissolving in water, Potassium Hydroxide generates highly alkaline solutions which are capable of reacting with and neutralizing acids, making them useful in various chemical applications.
  • The product should be stored in tightly sealed containers to prevent absorption of moisture from the air. Improper storage can result in the creation of potassium carbonate, which reduces the effectiveness of the compound.
  • Potassium Hydroxide is produced through the process of electrolysis of potassium chloride solutions, a process known as the chloroalkali process.
  • In the food industry, Potassium Hydroxide is a food thickener due to its pH level.
  • The FDA considers Potassium Hydroxide as being generally safe as a direct food ingredient when used in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Potassium Hydroxide has a few niche applications too due to its ability to degrade many materials.
  • There has been new research being conducted on the use of Potassium Hydroxide in medicinal applications, specifically in its use to decompose soft tissue and leave behind only hard bones and hard tissue.
  • Recently, entomologists have been applying the product for insect study.
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Potassium Hydroxide (KOH)