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Salicyl Hydroxamic Acid / Salicyl Hydroximic Acid ≥ 60%

Sodium Alkyl Hydroxamic Acid ≥ 26%

CAS Number

Other trading names

  • Sodium Alkyl Hydroximic Acid

Types of Packaging

  • Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) drum with 1000kg capacity/drum
  • Use plastic drums with 180 kg weight capacity and steel drums with 170 kg weight capacity per drum

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Sodium Alkyl Hydroxamic Acid ≥ 26%

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Index Value
pH levels 10 – 13
Sodium Alkyl Hydroxamic Acid content % ≥ 26%
Free Sodium Fatty Acid % ≤ 10 %
Expiry Date 10 months

Product Overview

Chemical appearance

Alky Hydroxamic Acid has a pretty dark red colour appearance. It also comes in liquid form which has no distinct odour. It has a pH level of 10 to 13.

Chemical application and strength

Sodium Alkyl Hydroxamic Acid or Sodium Alkyl Hydroximic Acid is a very good collector and flotation agent with oxidized sulfide and different metallic oxides, even ones which are very difficult to extract by other collector agents. It has a strong collection power with wolframite, copper oxide ores, titanic iron, hematite, niobium ores, and many more. It can strongly extract various non-ferrous metals.  

  • In alkaline conditions, Alkyl Hydroxamic Acid is a strong floater of cobalt and copper.
  • It should be placed in an environment away from exposure to water and extreme heat from fire and sunlight. If placed in a very cold confinement, it has the tendency to solidify.
  • It is easily soluble in water and also in alkaline solutions.
  • Its chain length increases along with the broadening of floatability.
  • It is usually used by some as an aqueous solution.
  • In the pH range of 10 to 13 is where its flotation and collection ability is very strong and effective.

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Sodium Alkyl Hydroxamic Acid ≥ 26%