Sodium Thiocyanate

Other Trading Names:

  • Concrete Admixture Sodium Thiocyanate

CAS Number: 540-72-7

HS Code: 3402110000

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  • 25kg/Bag
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Sodium Thiocyanate

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Chemical Name

Sodium Thiocyanate



Molecular Formula


CAS Number



White Crystal Powder

Grade Standard

Industrial Grade


Easily soluble in water, ethanol, and acetone

Melting Point


Boiling Point



1.735 g/cm³

Chemical Description 

  • Sodium Thiocyanate (NaSCN), also known as sodium rhodanide, is a chemical compound with the molecular formula NaSCN. It presents as a white crystalline solid that is easily soluble in water, ethanol, and acetone, making it versatile for various applications.
  • In the pharmaceutical industry, Sodium Thiocyanate is used as a raw material in the synthesis of a wide range of medications, including anti-hypertensive drugs and antibiotics. Its unique properties also make it valuable in pharmaceutical research, particularly in biochemical assays.
  • In polymer chemistry, NaSCN serves as an important reagent for the synthesis of polymeric materials. It acts as a catalyst in the polymerization process, facilitating the production of specialty polymers with unique characteristics.
  • The compound is utilized in the production of herbicides within the agricultural sector. Its effectiveness in controlling a broad spectrum of weeds makes it a key ingredient in many weed management formulations.
  • Sodium Thiocyanate finds significant applications in the metal processing industry. It is used as a flotation agent in mineral processing and as a corrosion inhibitor in various metal treatment processes, protecting metals from corrosion without altering their properties.
  • In the textile and fiber industries, NaSCN is employed in the dyeing process as a solubilizing agent, improving the uptake of dyes on fabrics. This enhances the color intensity and uniformity of dyed textiles.
  • Additionally, Sodium Thiocyanate is used in the production of synthetic fibers, where it acts as a spinning solvent, aiding in the formation of fibers with desirable mechanical properties.
  • Its applications extend to the construction industry, where it is used as an additive in concrete mixtures to accelerate the curing process and improve the strength of concrete structures.
  • Sodium Thiocyanate is explored for its potential in various environmental applications, including water treatment and air purification, due to its ability to bind and neutralize harmful substances.
  • Sodium Thiocyanate is a versatile chemical compound with a wide range of industrial and pharmaceutical applications, valued for its solubility, reactivity, and effectiveness in various chemical processes.
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Sodium Thiocyanate