Overview of the Chemical Industry in Romania and How to Buy Chemicals?


Flag of Romania.

Brief Introduction of Romania


  • Capital of Romania is Bucharest
  • It has a population of 19,366,221 million.
  • The total area is 238,391 km2.
  • The official language of Romania is Romanian
  • The currency is Leu (RON)

Economic Statistics of Romania


Romania is the 20th largest economy in Europe and 50th in the world. It has a GDP of $250.077 billion.

Economy Breakdown

  • Agriculture 4.5%
  • Industry 28.8%
  • Services 66.6%

Main Industries of Romania


The largest industries of Romania are:

  • Textiles and Footwear
  • Light Machinery and Auto Assembly
  • Mining
  • Timber
  • Construction Materials
  • Metallurgy
  • Chemicals
  • Food Processing
  • Petroleum Refining

Romania’s Main Import Partners

  • Germany 19.4%
  • Italy 9.25%
  • Hungary 6.56%
  • Poland 5.98%
  • China 2%

Romania’s Main Export Partners

  • Germany 21.9%
  • Italy 10.4%
  • France 6.57%
  • Hungary 4.22%
  • United Kingdom 3.6%

Chemical Use in Romania


Given the economic growth of Romania, it is an attractive country for chemical trade. Romania’s chemical industry is diverse and includes chemicals for:

  • Textiles
  • Mining
  • Metallurgy

Textile industry in Romania.


Textile industry is one of the largest in Romania. The use of chemicals in textiles is quite common and also necessary. Various chemicals are used in the different processes of textile industries. Chemicals are used for dyeing, cleaning, and processing the textiles. Furthermore, chemicals such as textile softeners, wetting agents, wax removing agents, textile sizing chemicals etc. are used in the textile industries. They are used to enhance the texture and overall appearance of textiles.


Mining is the biggest industry of Romania. The efficiency and effectiveness of the mining industry is largely dependent upon chemicals. The right chemicals are very important for mining because they ensure effective extraction, processing, and refining of minerals.

Seaports and Trading Hubs of the Country


Romania is accessible by both land and sea. For international trading, it has a large number of seaports. The main seaports are:

  • Port of Constanta
  • Port of Tulcea
  • Port of Midia
  • Port of Basarabi
  • Port of Sulina

Port of Constanta, Romania.

For importing the goods, Camachem uses the largest port, the Port of Constanta.

What Chemicals does Romania Import?


According to the latest trade data, Romania imported around $881 thousand in inorganic chemicals and $816 million in organic chemicals. The imports include chemicals such as:

Pine Oil is one of the key chemicals that we export to Romania.

Monocalcium Phosphate is one of the key chemicals that we export to Romania.

Calcium Carbide is one of the key chemicals that we export to Romania.

What Regulations are there on Importing Chemicals to the Country?


In order to import chemicals to Romania the requirements are:

  • For importing goods to Romania, the Single Administrative Document (SAD) is required. It is the official model of written declarations to customs. This document describes the goods and the movement around the world. It is necessary for trade outside of Europe or for non-European goods. As soon as guns into the customs territory they are subject to customs supervision. They are covered by Summary Declaration, which is filed when items are presented to customs officials.
  • All companies established outside Europe are required to have Economic Operators Registration and Identification (EORI) number. It is an identification number assigned by the customs authorities to the economic operator or a person to register him for customs purpose.
  • A photocopy of the registration document issued by the competent authority of the third country.
  • The VAT certificates issued by the Competent Authority in the Member States of European Union where applicable.
  • Document showing the address of the registered office or current fiscal domicile.

Why should Romania Import Chemicals?


Availability – The local chemical industry produces quite a specific amount of chemicals and some clients require large amounts of chemicals in a quick manner. It is very much in demand by various leading industries. Therefore, because of the huge increase in the demand of chemicals, it is necessary for Romania to import them in order to fulfil the needs of the country.


High Chemical Cost – Due to the intense local competitiveness and high costs of production, the local prices of chemicals are much higher than those in the international market. So chemicals are cheap when bought from the international market. Romania spent about $9.39 billion on chemicals in 2019.


Chemical Quality – While a majority of international chemical suppliers are famous for their high quality products, some minir local producers can have varying chemical quality. Local chemical suppliers do not have good reputations and their trust is not established much due to the inconsistent quality of their products. Therefore, in order to get superior quality products that meet client’s high standards, internationally acclaimed suppliers are the best option.

Where can I Buy Chemicals for Romania?


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