1. What Is Sulfonic Acid (or Sulphonic Acid) Labsa

    Sulfonic acid-Labsa is a man-made chemical which is commonly used for making industrial detergents. Some of the products that contain Sulfonic Acid include oil soap, washing powder, and detergent powder. It is also found in cleaning powder. This chemical surfactant is usually brown and is manufactured in liquid form. To buy this chemical, you can contact a trusted industrial chemical supplier.

    Labsa contents differ more so in their chemical properties. Their chemical and physical properties are determined by the alkyl chain length, thus leading to a mixture that makes Sulfonic Acid-Labsa suitable for use in diverse ways.

    Uses of Sulfonic acid-Labsa

    Used in making cleaning powder - this can be used for cleaning wooden surfaces or other hard to clean surfaces.

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  2. How to Buy Oxalic Acid

    Oxalic Acid

    It is also known as Oxalate or ethanedioic acid and is a type of organic compound which you can find in different plant life like green leafy plants, in various fruits, nuts, vegetables, and seeds. It is not only found in plants but the human body can also produce this acid as well as get it when we eat food which contain it.
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  3. How to Buy Titanium Dioxide

    It is an inactive material which has been used for almost 100 years now in numerous applications. It is commonly found in many products like food and hygienic items like soap and sunscreen.
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  4. How to Buy Xanthates

    Mining Reagents - SIPX (1)

    Xanthates are some of the most important chemicals used in the mining industry for flotation. It is important for users to know which xanthate to use for their operation.
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  5. How to Buy Caustic Soda

    Caustic Soda

    Caustic soda is one of the most important chemicals for industrial usage and mining. It important to know if one should buy caustic soda pearls, caustic soda flakes or liquid caustic soda. It is important to know which grade to select as well.
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